June 24, 2020 Playlist


(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
CaravanGolf GirlIn The Land Of Grey And Pink1971UK
EggA Visit To Newport HospitalThe Polite Force1971UK
Once & Future Band The End And The BeginningDeleted Scenes (N)2020 (Castle Face)USA
Mr. Elevator Bamboo ForestGoodbye, Blue Sky (N)2020 (Castle Face)USA
Horse Lords Integral AccidentThe Common Task (N)2020 (Northern Spy)USA
The Orb Honey MooniesAbolition Of The Royal Familia (N)2020 (Cooking Vinyl)UK
Soft MachineMoon In JuneThird
Soft MachineHope For Happiness
 --> Joy Of A Toy
--> Hope For Happiness (Reprise)
The Soft Machine1968UK
Robert WyattSea SongRock Bottom1974UK
Hatfield & The NorthMumpsThe Rotter's Club1975UK
National HealthLethargy Shuffle Part 2Missing Piecesrec. 1975-1979, rel. 1996UK
Herbie HancockQuasarCrossings1971USA
Achim ReichelTurbulenzen ("Turbulence")Autovision1974Germany
DomEdge Of TimeEdge Of Time1972Germany
ClusterLive In Der FabrikCluster II1972Germany
Masayuki Takayanagi & New DirectionsThe Galactic SystemIndependence: Tread On Sure Ground1970Japan
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