March 9, 2022 Playlist

Last week of winter PLEDGE DRIVE!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Lothar & The Hand PeopleSpace HymnSpace Hymn1969USA
John Dwyer The War ClockMoon Drenched (N)2021 (Castle Face)USA
Haru NemuriNarashite (Nemu remix - bonus track)
("Sound - Sleep remix")
Haru To Shura
("Springtime And Carnage")
Haru Nemuri (with Totzusen Shonen)Rock & Roll Wa Shinanai 
("Rock & Roll Does Not Die")
Haru To Shura
("Springtime And Carnage")
Atarashii Gakko!  ("New School!") Free Your MindSNACKTIME EP (N)2021 (88rising)Japan
Cheer-Accident Dream Police (Cheap Trick)Here Comes The Sunset (N)2022 (Skin Graft)USA
75 Dollar Bill Black To Comm / 9 To 5 (live - MC5 / Dolly Parton)Social Music At Troost Vol. 3: (Other) People's Music (N)2022 (self released)USA
Les Rallizes Denudes
(made-up "French" meant to mean "The Naked Suitcases")
Blind Baby Has Its Mother's EyesBlind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes
rec. 1970's-80's
rel. unofficially many times
Les Rallizes DenudesOtherwise My ConvictionFlightless Bird (Yadogo A Go Go) - compilationrec. 1960's, rel. 2007Japan
The Velvet UndergroundWhite Light / White HeatWhite Light / White Heat1968USA/UK(Wales)
ChromeHalf Machine Lip Moves Half Machine Lip Moves1979USA
FaustMamie Is BlueSo Far1972Germany
NEU!Sonderangebot / Weissensee
("Special Offer / White Lake")
Magical Power MakoCha Cha ChaMagical Power Mako1973Japan
Karlheinz StockhausenMomente (first half)
Momente - Version 1965rel. 1967Germany
Luciano BerioSinfonia (movements 1 & 2)Sinfonia1969Italy
John CageFontana Mix With AriaEarly Electronic And Tape Musicrec. 1958USA

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