March 8, 2006 Playlist

"Electric Mud" by Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters "Electric Mud" 1968 (USA)
Blues fanatics screamed "sellout!" when Muddy Waters released this blatantly psychedelic album, but I give Muddy plenty of credit for trying to stay hip to what kids like Jimi Hendrix were up to at the time. His commanding voice sounds pretty great over these churning fuzz guitar grooves. He mostly remakes his own blues classics (including "Mannish Boy", "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "I Just Want To Make Love To You"), but also covers a Rolling Stones song ("Let's Spend the Night Together").
R = Listener Request

Birthdays today: Micky Dolenz (61 years old) and Gary Numan (48)

The Coloured Balls - That's What Mama Said
Silverhead - Rock & Roll Band
Flo & Eddie - Another Pop Star's Life / Just Another Town
Muddy Waters - She's Alright  CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK
Dr. John, the Night Tripper - Walk On Gilded Splinters
Exuma - Mama Loi, Papa Loi
The Monkees - Randy Scouse Git (aka "Alternate Title" in the UK)
The Monkees - Mommy & Daddy (original version)
Micky Dolenz with Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - I'm A Believer ("33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee" TV special)
Micky Dolenz - Easy On You (post-Monkees single)
Gary Numan - This Wreckage
The Churls - Time Piece (R)
Plastic Cloud - Civilization Machine
Simply Saucer - Here Come The Cyborgs (part 1)
Blue Max - Prisoner
Green Milk From The Planet Orange - U-Boat
Boredoms - 7777
Eternal Elysium - Machine (R)
Iron Butterfly - You Can't Win
The Doors - Five To One
The Human Equation - The Day The War Has Ended
Jefferson Airplane - rejoyce
The Seeds - Now A Man
XTC - All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)
The Feelies - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey (live Beatles cover b-side)
Mudhoney - Move Out
Soft Boys - The Pigworker
Richard Lloyd - Pretend
Pavement - Harness Your Hopes (b-side)

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