July 19, 2006 Playlist

Black Sabbath's first album
Black Sabbath 1970 (UK)
This record marks the debut not just of Birmingham UK's most notorious band, but of "Heavy Metal" itself. Released on Friday the 13th in February 1970, this marriage of gothic atmosphere, doomy subject matter and extreme sonic heaviness was really only ever topped by Black Sabbath's second album "Paranoid" later the same year. I remember as a kid all those "Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock"-type books always gave Black Sabbath's albums (and also KISS and other heavy bands) ratings of one star or less! Nowadays the critics fall over themselves fawning about the genius of these guys.  Clearly, they were ahead of their time.
N = New Release

R = Listener Request
Klaatu - Around The Universe In Eighty Days
Styx - Mother Dear
Blue Oyster Cult - Black Blade
Rush - Anthem

Black Sabbath - Wicked World (Happy Birthday Terence "Geezer" Butler 7/17/49)  CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK
Santana - No One To Depend On (Happy Birthday Carlos Santana 7/20/47)
Queen - The Loser In The End (Happy Birthday Roger Taylor 7/26/49)
Queen - The Prophet's Song (Happy Birthday Brian May 7/19/47)

Lansing-Dreiden - Dividing Island (N)
Amps For Christ - Out On The Moon (Slight Return)  (N)
The Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (R)
Green Light - Action Packed (N)
Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell - Virus B (N)

Acid Mothers Temple - Asimo's Naked Breakfast  (N)
Slybersonic Tromosone - Raging Ions (N)

Univers Zero 
- Meandres (N - live)
Rhys Chatham - Drastic Classicism (N - reissue)

Mission of Burma 
- 2wice (N)
Tom Verlaine - All Weirded Out (N)
Eleventh Dream Day - New Rules (N) 
Aloha - Mountain (N)
KEN - The Dragon With The Bleeding Nose (N)

Pavement - Rattled By The Rush
Blonde Redhead - 10 Feet High (7" single version)
The Feelies - Away
Camper Van Beethoven - We're A Bad Trip

Cornershop - 6am Juliander Shere

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