November 15, 2006 Playlist

"Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine "Loveless"  1991 (Ireland/UK)
When this album came out in 1991 (a few months before Nirvana launched the "alternative rock" revolution), it sounded like nothing that had come before it.  In one sense this album represents the culmination of the British "shoegazer" movement, although it really stands alone apart from any musical trend.  Legend has it that these songs were written and recorded very quickly, then the band spent nearly three years messing with the tapes to produce the uniquely blurry and out-of-focus sound of this record (spending half a million dollars and nearly bankrupting their record label in the process.)  Perhaps sensing they had a career-defining masterpiece on their hands, MBV has never followed up on this record, so it stands as their swan song.
N = New Release
Spacemen 3 - Revolution
Stereolab - We're Not Adult Orientated
My Bloody Valentine - What You Want  CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK
My Bloody Valentine - Soon  CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK
Hawkwind - The Black Corridor / Space Is Deep / Electronic No. 1
Nektar - The Nine Lifeless Daughters Of The Sun / Warp Oversight / The Dream Nebula (part one)
Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (parts 1, 2 & 3)
Misson of Burma - Careening With Conviction (N)
The Rogers Sisters - Sooner Or Later (N)
Liars - It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack (N)
Scott Walker - Cue (N)
Pere Ubu - Blue Velvet (N)
Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane - Trinkle Tinkle
Miles Davis with Wayne Shorter - Eighty-One
Wayne Shorter - Mephistopheles
Eric Dolphy - On Green Dolphin Street
John Coltrane - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Feelin' Blue
Dr. John, The Night Tripper - The Patriotic Flag-Waiver
Minutemen - The Cheerleaders
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsys - Ordinary Violence
Royal Trux - The Pick Up
Camper Van Beethoven - Sweethearts

Neil Young 
- Little Wing (not the Hendrix song)
Neil Young - Time Fades Away
Neil Young (recent) Neil Young (live)
Happy Birthday Neil!
Born Nov 12, 1945

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