November 29, 2006 Playlist

NEU! self-titled debut album 1972
NEU!  1972 (Germany)
The duo of Klaus Dinger (drums & vocals) and Michael Rother (guitars & keyboards) was one of the most legendary and beloved of all German groups.  Dinger's relentlessly propulsive "motorik" drum beat is perhaps the most famous riff of the entire krautrock movement, and their influence can be felt all over later "post rock"-style bands such as Sonic Youth, Stereolab and Tortoise.  Both Menschen in die Gruppe had previously been members of Kraftwerk, and would go on to form other great kraut groups like Harmonia (Rother with Cluster) and La Duesseldorf (Dinger with his brother.)  The band's name (pronounced "noy") is always spelled in all capitals with an exclamation point, and is German for "NEW!" -- the classic advertising buzzword.  This was the first of their three albums, plus there is a fourth reunion album recorded in the 1980's which was released a decade or so after that.
N = New Release
Spirit - Mr. Skin
Love - I Still Wonder
Moby Grape - Sitting By The Window
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Smell Of Incense
The Head Shop - Infinity
Pere Ubu - Caroleen (N)
Oneida - Happy New Year (N)
Les Georges Leningrad - Sleek Answer (N)
Faghat - Vacuum Man (N)
Oxford Collapse - Return /Of Burno (N)
NoMeansNo - Ashes (N)
Scorpions - Leave Me
Hairy Chapter - You've Got To Follow This Masquerade
Kraan - Jack Steam
Guru Guru - Oxymoron
Dzyan - The Wisdom
Amon Duul 2 - Deutsch Nepal
Can - Pinch
Faust - Mamie Is Blue
Magma - Klaus Kombalad
Aphrodite's Child - Seven Trumpets / Altamont
Earthling Society - Black Country Sorcerer (N)
Soft Machine - I Should've Known (N - live 1967 reissue)
Balun - Everything's Alright (N)
Pit Er Pat - Swamp (N)
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