February 7, 2007 Playlist

"Never Never Land" by The Pink Fairies (1971)
The Pink Fairies  "Never Never Land"  1971 (UK)
Twink (known to his mama as John Alder) is one of the featured artists on this morning's show, and so The Pink Fairies debut album is this week's CAOTW.  The Pink Fairies were a crucially important and unsung underground group, who in many ways represented the missing link between the early 70's hippie and late 70's punk subcultures in the UK.  Twink was actually only in the band for their first single and LP before he left to pursue other projects (including an aborted attempt to start a band with Syd Barrett in 1972, and an album with Milwaukee's Plasticland in the 1980's), so his glitter-psych presence is only felt on this album.  For their second record, unsung Canadian guitar god Paul Rudolph assumed leadership duties, before handing the reigns over to Larry Wallis, who in turn left to found Motorhead with Lemmy!  The only two constant Fairies were the redoubtable rhythm section of Duncan "Sandy" Sanderson on bass and Russell Hunter on drums.  The Pinks have periodically reunited with various veteran members -- most recently the Wallis-Sanderson-Hunter lineup was scheduled for a gig in London on 22 January 2007, but had to cancel due to a Wallis health issue (these days Paul Rudolph runs a bicycle shop in Canada, and Twink did some acting on British TV shows.)  Official Pink Fairies website.
"Six Degrees of Twink & Lemmy"

John Alder aka "Twink"
John Alder
Ian Fraisier Kilmister aka "Ian Willis" aka "Lemmy the Lurch"
Ian Fraser Kilmister
"Lemmy the Lurch"
(also known as "Ian Willis")
Paul Rudolph aka "Black George"
Paul Rudolph
"Black George"
Larry Wallis
Larry Wallis
Mick Farren
Mick Farren
The Pretty Things - drums
Tomorrow - drums
The Aquarian Age  - drums & vocals
The Pink Fairies - drums & vocals
Solo artist
(Also played with Syd Barrett in unrecorded band called The Stars; made album with Plasticland in the 1980's)
The Rocking Vickers - guitar
Sam Gopal - guitar & vocals
Hawkwind - bass & vocals
Motorhead - bass & vocals
The  Deviants - guitar
The Pink Fairies - guitar & vocals
Brian Eno - bass & guitar
Hawkwind - bass (replaced Lemmy)
The Pink Fairies - guitar & vocals
Motorhead - guitar & vocals
(Also played with UFO & Blodwyn Pig, producer for Stiff records late 1970's)
The Deviants - vocals
Solo artist
Journalist & writer
(Also produced Twink's 1970 solo album and collaborated with Rudolph & Wallis on his post-Deviants solo projects)
Supporting cast:
Duncan "Sandy" Sanderson
The Deviants - bass
The Pink Fairies - bass
Russell Hunter
The Deviants - drums
The Pink Fairies - drums
Steve Perregrine Took
Tyranosaurus Rex / T-Rex - bongo drums
Also played on Twink & Farren solo albums
(Founded unrecorded band Shagrat with Farren & Wallis; member of unrecorded early lineup of The Pink Fairies)
Robert Calvert
Hawkwind - vocals
Solo artist
(1974 solo album includes contributions from Twink, Lemmy, Rudolph & Eno)
Brian Eno
Roxy Music - synthesizer
Solo artist
(Recruited Paul Rudolph from The Pink Fairies to play on his solo albums)
John "Junior" Brown
Tomorrow - bass
The Aquarian Age - bass
Twink solo album - bass
Steve Howe
Tomorrow - guitar
Yes - guitar
Dave Anderson
Amon Duul 2 - bass
Hawkwind - bass (replaced by Lemmy)
Dick Taylor
The Pretty Things - guitar
(Also produced first Hawkwind album)
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
The Deviants  (Mick Farren, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter, Sid Bishop) You've Got To Hold On Disposable 1968 UK
The Pretty Things  (Twink - drums) Old Man Going S. F. Sorrow 1968 UK
Amon Duul 2  (Dave Anderson - bass) Eye-Shaking King Yeti 1970 Germany
Hawkwind  (Dave Anderson - bass) You Know You're Only Dreaming In Search Of Space 1971 UK
The Rocking Vickers  ("Ian Willis" aka Lemmy - guitar) I Don't Need Your Kind B-side 7" single (It's Alright! The Complete Rocking Vickers CD) 1966 UK
Sam Gopal  (Lemmy - guitar & vocal) The Dark Lord Escalator   1969 UK
Sam Gopal  (Lemmy - guitar & vocal) Escalator Escalator 1969 UK
Hawkwind  (Lemmy - bass & vocal) Lost Johnny Hall Of The Mountain Grill 1974 UK
Robert Calvert  (Lemmy - bass, Paul Rudolph - guitar and/or bass?) Widowmaker --> The Right Stuff Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters 1974 UK
Motorhead  (Lemmy - bass & vocal) Overkill Overkill 1979 UK
Tomorrow  (Twink, Junior Brown, Steve Howe, Keith West) Revolution Tomorrow 1968 UK
The Aquarian Age  (Twink, Junior Brown) 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box A-side 7" single (Tomorrow CD bonus track) 1968 UK
Twink  (Paul Rudolph, Steve Peregrine Took, Mick Farren Producer) Suicide Think Pink 1970 UK
Robert Calvert  (Twink - drum, Eno - synth?) Catch A Falling Starfighter Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters 1974 UK
T-Rex  (Steve Peregrine Took) Raw Ramp B-side 7" single (Electric Warrior CD bonus track) 1971 UK
The Pink Fairies  (Twink, Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter) Uncle Harry's Last Freakout Never Never Land
1971 UK
The Pink Fairies  (Twink, Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter) Say You Love Me Never Never Land
1971 UK
The Pink Fairies  (Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter, Trevor Bolder) Portobello Shuffle What A Bunch Of Sweeties
1972 UK
The Deviants  (Mick Farren, Paul RudolphDuncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter) Metamorphosis Exploration #3 1969 UK
Hawkwind  (Paul Rudolph - bass) Kerb Crawler Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music 1976 UK
Brian Eno  (Paul Rudolph - bass, Jaki Liebezeit (from Can) - drums) Backwater Before And After Science
1977 UK
The Pink Fairies  (Larry Wallis, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter) Street Urchin Kings Of Oblivion 1973 UK
Motorhead  (Lemmy - bass & vocal, Larry Wallis - guitar & vocal) On Parole  (alternate version) On Parole (CD bonus track) rec. 1975 UK
Motorhead  (Lemmy - bass & vocal, Larry Wallis - guitar & vocal) City Kids  (Pink Fairies remake) On Parole rec. 1975 UK
Hawkwind  (Lemmy - bass & vocal) Motorhead  (first released version) B-side 7" single (Warrior On The Edge Of Time CD bonus track) 1975 UK
Motorhead  (Lemmy - bass & vocal) Motorhead  (live) No Sleep 'til Hammersmith 1981 UK
Lemmy Kilmister & Wendy O. Williams Stand By Your Man  (Tammy Wynette cover) A-side 7" single (Motorhead - The Singles Collection CD) 1982 UK/USA
Probot  (featuring Lemmy Kilmister) Shake Your Blood Probot 2004 USA/UK
Twink & The Fairies Do It '77  (Pink Fairies remake) Do It '77 EP 1978 UK
Mick Farren & The Deviants  (including Wallis and Rudolph) Let's Loot The Supermarket Again Like We Did Last Summer  (Deviants remake) Screwed Up EP 1977 UK
The Deviants  (Mick Farren, Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter, Sid Bishop) I'm Coming Home PTOOF!!! 1967 UK
Twink  (Paul Rudolph, Steve Peregrine Took, Mick Farren Producer) Tiptoe On The Highest Hill Think Pink 1970 UK
The Pretty Things  (Twink - drums) She Says Good Morning S. F. Sorrow 1968 UK
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