March 21, 2007 Playlist


"Accelerator" by Royal Trux (1998)
Royal Trux "Accelerator"  1998 (USA)
Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema were the "Glimmer Twins" of 90's underground rock, blending every classic rock cliche imaginable in an adventurous postmodern stew.  "Accelerator" was their first album after being dropped from their major label contract with Virgin (they had been snapped up in the post-Nirvana feeding frenzy), and is among their most interesting records thematically and sonicly.  I think it captures the pre-millenium zeitgeist as well as any rock album from it's era, and represents the group's high water mark.  Royal Trux broke up in 2001, and Hagerty has pursued a solo career while Herrema now leads a "sequel group" called RTX.

(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Chico Magnetic Band Explosion Chico Magnetic Band 1970 Algeria
T2 Fantasy T2 1970 UK
The Stooges Funhouse Funhouse 1970 USA
The Stooges Passing Cloud The Weirdness (N)
2007 (Virgin) USA
Laughing Hyenas Dedications To The One I Love You Can't Pray A Lie 1989 USA
Hella World Series There's No 666 In Outer Space (N) 2007 (Ipecac) USA
Droids Attack Stephen Seagal Fatal / Error (N) 2007 (Crustacean) USA
Royal Trux Stevie Accelerator
1998 USA
Royal Trux New Bones Accelerator
1998 USA
RTX   (Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux) Restoration Sleep Western Xterminator (N) 2007 (Drag City) USA
Of Montreal The Past Is A Grotesque Animal Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (N) 2007 (Polyvinyl) USA
The Slip First Panda In Space / The Soft Machine Eisenhower (N) 2006 (Bar/None) USA
The Good, The Bad & The Queen
(Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Simon Tong, Tony Allen)
The Good, The Bad & The Queen The Good, The Bad & The Queen (N) 2007 (Virgin) UK
Bobby Conn Vanitas King For A Day (N) 2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
The Elastik Band Mrs. Pig The Elastik Band (N - compilation reissue) rec. 1967 (2006 Digital Cellars) USA
db pedersen Lollipop Carrot Carrot! (N)
2007 (Skulls of Heaven) USA
Hugh Hopper Hopper Tunity Box / Miniluv Hopper Tunity Box (N - reissue) 1977 (2007 Cuneiform) UK
Far Corner Creature Council Endangered (N) 2007 (Cuneiform) USA
Ghost Gareki No Toshi In Stormy Nights (N) 2007 (Drag City) Japan
The Psychic Paramount enad-VOAT Origins & Primitives Volumes 1 & 2 (N - reissue) 2003 (2006 No Quarter) USA
Lithops  (Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars) Conturn Mound Magnet (N) 2006 (Thrill Jockey) Germany
Mouse on Mars Retphase Varcharz (N) 2006 (Ipecac) Germany
Agent Wu Proofs Heterodox EP Compilation Alpha (Various Artists) (N) 2006 (Heterodox) USA
DJ SpookyYoko Ono remix Rising Yes, I'm A Witch (Various Artists) (N) 2007 (Astralwerks) Japan/USA
Deerhoof Kidz Are So Small Friend Opportunity (N) 2007 (Kill Rock Stars) USA
Yo La Tengo Shrimp Stories The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science 2002 USA

Kitaro Nagare No Naka De The Essential Kitaro (N - compilation reissue) 2002 (2006 Domo) Japan
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