April 25, 2007 Playlist

"Tyranny & Mutation" by Blue Oyster Cult (1973)
Blue Oyster Cult "Tyranny & Mutation"  1973 (USA)
To kids today Blue Oyster Cult is probably synonymous with a certain SNL skit ("I gotta have more cowbell!") -- for slightly older folks, they're best remembered for "laser shows" and cryptic album covers best gazed at under blacklights.  BOC was the quintessential 70's hard rock band, whose biography almost reads like the inspiration for Spinal Tap.  After failing to thrive as The Soft White Underbelly in the 1960's, they changed their name to The Stalk-Forrest Group and released a highly unsuccessful album in 1970.  But a third name change and a heavy metal sound finally led to success, culminating with the popular "Agents of Fortune" album and "Don't Fear The Reaper" single in 1976.  However their second LP "Tyranny & Mutation" is arguably their best;  an ideal distillation of the raunchy weirdness of early Cult without the creeping slickness of their more popular albums from later in the decade.  The Cult is still on tour to this day (coming soon to a state fair near you!) -- led as always by founders Nigel and David -- er, Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom.   Official Website.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Thin Lizzy (R) The Rocker Vagabonds of the Western World 1973 Ireland
James Gang (R) The Bomber
   A. Closet Queen
   B. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Rides Again 1970 USA
Deep Purple Mandrake Root Shades of Deep Purple 1968 UK
Master's Apprentices Melodies of St. Kilda / Southern Cross A Toast To Panama Red 1972 Australia
Blue Oyster Cult Hot Rails To Hell / Seven Screaming Diz Busters Tyranny And Mutation
1973 USA
Amon Duul II A Morning Excuse Viva La Trance 1973 Germany
Spirit Love Has Found A Way / Why Can't I Be Free The Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus 1970 USA
Flower Travellin' Band Satori Part 3 Satori
1971 Japan
Steve Hillage The Salmon Song Fish Rising 1975 UK
Van Der Graaf Generator Arrow Godbluff 1975 UK
Hatfield & The North Shaving Is Boring Hatfield & The North 1974 UK
Magma Mekanik Kommandoh 7" single version / Simples CD rec. 1971 France
Ghost Caledonia In Stormy Nights (N) 2007 (Drag City) Japan
The Psychic Paramount Solo Electric Guitar With Pre-Recorded Drums Origins & Primitives Volumes 1 & 2 (N - reissue) 2003 (2006 No Quarter) USA
Hugh Hopper Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman) Hopper Tunity Box (N - reissue) 1977 (2007 Cuneiform) UK
Trans Am Conspiracy Of The Gods Sex Change (N)
2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Far Out Nihonnjin Far Out 1971 Japan
Flied Egg 521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony Goodbye 1972 Japan
SRC Onesimpletask SRC 1968 USA
Quill The Tube Exuding Quill 1970 USA
The Soft Boys Leppo And The Jooves Can Of Bees 1979 UK
The Nice Dawn The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack 1967 UK
The Godz Ending Third Testament 1968 USA
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