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"Bullhead" by the Melvins (1991)
Melvins "Bullhead" 1991 (USA)
The Melvins have been called "the Godfathers of Grunge" because they reinvented "HEAVY music" about 5 years before it became cool in the early 90's (in fact Kurt Cobain was inspired to start Nirvana by hanging around Melvins rehearsals.)  This, their third full-length album, is arguably the one where the band's aesthetic was first fully realized -- from the slow motion two-note riff that opens the album to the mini-epic drum solo that ends it, this is classic Melvins:   a cornucopia of heavy riffage that is sinister, silly, ironic and classic all at once.  A year or so later they'd ride the grunge gravy train to the majors, where they released three albums on Atlantic, none of which made the charts.  Since returning to the indie scene a decade ago, they've kept cranking out album after album, making them arguably one of the most important R-A-W-K bands of the current era.  Official website.

(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
The Osmonds Crazy Horses Crazy Horses 1972 USA
Tiger B. Smith Inside My Head (Crazy Tiger) We're The Tiger Bunch 1974 Germany
Sir Lord Baltimore Hell Hound Kingdom Come 1970 USA
Dust From A Dry Camel Dust 1971 USA
Melvins Anaconda Bullhead  
1991 USA
Melvins Cow Bullhead  
1991 USA
Bob Dylan Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Highway 61 Revisited 1965 USA
Miles Davis Corrado Bitches Brew (outtake - Sessions box set) rec. 1969 USA
Country Joe & The Fish Section 43 Electric Music For The Mind And Body 1967 USA
The Fugs Crystal Liaison It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest 1968 USA
Bellavista River Of Lust Bellavista (N) 2007 (Take Root) USA
Slaraffenland You Win Private Cinema (N) 2007 (Home Tapes) Denmark
The Coach and Four The Great Escape The Great Escape (N) 2007 (Makeshift) USA
The Zincs The Mogul's Wives Black Pompadour (N) 2007 (Thrill Jockey) UK / USA
Skybox Bee Mee Arco Iris (N) 2007 (Big Red Balloon) USA
Kieren Hebden & Steve Reid Superheroes Tongues (N) 2007 (Domino) UK / USA
Automusik De Robots Braken Mijn Radio The Hound Dog EP (N) 2006 (Chicken Ranch) USA
Trans Am North East Rising Sun Sex Change (N)
2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
The Berg Sans Nipple Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Along The Quai (N) 2007 (Team Love) France
65 Days Of Static Don't Go Down To Sorrow The Destruction of Small Ideas (N)
2007 (Monotreme) UK
The Fucking Champs A Forgotten Chapter In The History Of Ideas VI (N) 2007 (Drag City) USA
Metallica The Ecstasy Of Gold We All Love Ennio Morricone (N - Various Artists) 2007 (Sony Classical) USA
Grails Origin-ing Burning Off Impurities (N)
2007 (Temporary Residence) USA
Loop Ret@rd Sickaweirdos Lisa Reefer (N)
2006 (SRM) USA
Burning Star Core The Emergency Networks Are Taking Over Operator Dead . . . Post Abandoned (N)
2007 (No Quarter) USA
Yes Roundabout Fragile 1972 UK
Brian Eno Third Uncle Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy 1974 UK
Talking Heads Crosseyed And Painless Remain In light 1980 USA
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