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"Space Is The Place" by Sun Ra (1972)
Sun Ra "Space Is The Place" 1972 (USA)
Sun Ra (born Herman Blount in Alabama in 1914) was more than just an important musical figure of the 20th century, he was a COSMIC PHILOSOPHER!  His groups were almost like a cult  -- they pretty much had to be, since it was virtually impossible to make money playing his crazy music!  To join the "Arkestra" you had to have a spiritual devotion to the cause.  The music was but one facet of the Ra experience, which included dance, poetry and other ritual performance, all expressions of an  overarching "mystery history" tracing the narrative of his race from ancient Egypt to the stars.   In the days of segregation, he specifically meant "the black race", but by the 1970's his cosmic equations had expanded to cover the whole "human race."  Ra's influence outside of the jazz world from which he came is most apparent on George Clinton's P-Funk mob, who developed a similar space-cult mythology twenty years later.  The Sun Ra discography is so vast that it's impossible to pick a "best album", but this Impulse! release from 1972 was one of his more popular records, and contains the classic 20 minute title track.

(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
The Fall Reformation Reformation Post TLC (N) 2007 (Narnack) UK
Frog Eyes Caravan Breakers, They Prey On The Weak And The Old Tears Of The Valedictorian (N) 2007 (Absolutely Kosher) Canada
Ian Hunter Brainwashed Shrunken Heads (N) 2007 (Yep Roc) UK
Cheeseburger Hot Streets Cheeseburger (N) 2007 (Kemado) USA
Dungen Mon Amour Tio Bitar (N) 2007 (Kemado) Sweden
Original Mark Edwards (OME) Wax On Hats The Doom Loop (N) 2007 (Princess) USA
I'm From Barcelona Rec & Play Let Me Introduce My Friends (N) 2007 (Mute) Sweden
The Sea And Cake Left On Everybody (N) 2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Bracken Evil Teeth We Know About The Need (N) 2007 (Anticon) UK
Bjork Declare Independence Volta (N) 2007 (One Little Indian / Atlantic) Iceland
Cibo Matto Sci Fi Wasabi Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto (N - Compilation) 2007 (Warner Bros) Japan / USA
CocoRosie Japan The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn(N) 2007 (Touch & Go) France
DAT'R Choice Cuts In Sauce Turn Up The Ghosts (N) 2007 (Hush) USA
The Dead Bodies Pink Muff Dance Party Vampire Resolve Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House (N) 2007 (Quite Scientific) USA
Far Corner Endangered Endangered (N) 2007 (Cuneiform) USA
Earthling Invasion 10 Days Delayed Year Of The Saucer (N) 2006 (self release) USA
Earthling Society (Almost) Transparent Blue Tears Of Andromeda - Black Sails Against The Sky (N) 2007 (Nasoni) UK
Lee Hazlewood Nothing Cake Or Death (N) 2006 (Ever / BPX 1992) USA
Jefferson Airplane The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (live) Sweeping Up The Spotlight: Jefferson Airplane Live At The Fillmore East 1969 (N) rec. 1969, rel. 2007 (RCA / Legacy) USA
Amon Duul Paramechanical World B-side single / Paradieswarts Duul CD bonus track 1970 Germany
Cosmic Jokers The Electronic Scene / Electronic Rock Zeitalter Gilles Zeitschiff 1974 Germany
Sun Ra  Space Is The Place Space Is The Place  
1972 USA
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