June 27, 2007 Playlist

"The Polite Force" by Egg (1971)
Egg "The Polite Force" 1971 (UK)
Here's another unsung delight from the heyday of British progressive rock.  Egg was a guitarless trio consisting of Dave Stewart (not the Eurythmics guy) on keyboards and electronics, Mont Campbell on bass and vocals and Clive Brooks on drums -- much like the more notorious Emerson Lake & Palmer, but not nearly as bombastic.  In fact Egg's Canterbury style was far more melodious, combining classical and jazz influences with electronic experimentalism and a love for exotic time signatures.  It doesn't get much proggier than that!  Stewart also recorded an album with Steve Hillage under the name Khan in 1972 (right before Hillage joined Gong), and later played with other classic British prog bands such as Hatfield & The North and National Health.
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year Country
Butthole Surfers Revolution (parts 1 & 2) Piouhgd 1991 USA
The Beatles Revolution #9 (excerpt) The Beatles (White Album) 1968 UK
Nihilist Spasm Band Destroy The Nations No Album 1968 Canada
Naked Aggression Never Too Late Assassin Wanted (split EP with Die Schwarzen Schafe) 2007 (Campary) USA
Rodd Keith (as Dan Monday) I Am A Real American (song poem) I Died Today (CD anthology) rec. 1960-70's, rel. 1996 USA
Yoko Ono Hirake (Open Your Box) / Toilet Piece Fly 1971 Japan
NEU! Super 78 NEU! 2 1973 Germany
May Blitz Squeet May Blitz 1970 UK
Mighty Baby Egyptian Tomb Mighty Baby 1969 UK
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester Raider Farewell Aldebaran
1969 USA
The Turtles Earth Anthem Present The Battle Of The Bands
1968 USA
Rodd Keith (as Rod Rogers) Hippy Happy Land (song poem) I Died Today (CD anthology) rec. 1960-70's, rel. 1996 USA
The Monkees For Pete's Sake Headquarters
1967 USA
Sudden Death The Zoo Suddenly 1971 USA
The Spirit of Christmas Factory Lies To Live By 1974 Canada
Black Widow The Battle Black Widow III 1972 UK
Dungen Intro Tio Bitar (N) 2007 (Kemado) Sweden
Audionom Horisont Retrospektiv (N) 2007 (Kemado) Sweden
Boogie Boarder Teleporter What Riding Waves Is All About (N) 2007 (Famous Class) USA
Earthling Invasion I Forgot Year Of The Saucer (N) 2006 (self release) USA
The Nervous System Don't Let Me Forget Manic Compression (N) 2007 (self release) USA
Egg A Visit To Newport Hospital The Polite Force
1971 UK
Egg Boilk The Polite Force
1971 UK
Air Mer Du Japon Pocket Symphony (N) 2007 (Astralwerks) France
Stephanie Rearick Man Who Stole Tomorrow Democracy (N) 2007 (Uvulittle) USA
Patti Smith White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover) Twelve (N) 2007 (Columbia) USA
The Fall White Line Fever (Merle Haggard cover) Reformation Post TLC (N) 2007 (Narnack) UK
Tom Waits Jitterbug Boy Small Change 1976 USA
Scott Walker The World's Strongest Man Scott 4 1969 USA/UK
The Guess Who The Answer The Way They Were rec. 1970, rel. 1976 Canada
The J.B.'s (as Maceo & The Macks) Parrty (parts 1 & 2) Funky Good Time: The Anthology CD
rec. 1974 USA
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