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"Uncle Jam Wants You" by Funkadelic (1979)
Funkadelic "Uncle Jam Wants You" 1979 (USA)
This album was one of the very last of the original run of P-Funk albums, and the final true classic in their oeuvre.  The previous record released under the Funkadelic handle, One Nation Under A Groove, had been that group's best seller, doing as well as the more populist albums they had been simultaneously recording under the name Parliament.  Indeed, Nation is the album where the line between Parliament's "jazzy keyboard & horns funk" and Funkadelic's "heavy guitar funk" became blurred past the point of being differentiable.  Uncle Jam continues to politicize the dancefloor like its predecessor:  if Nation was a declaration of principles for the establishment of a new funky nation, then Uncle Jam is the call to arms.  The 15 minute plus "(Not Just) Knee Deep" was this album's big hit, and remains one of the monster jams of all pfunkentology.
The Third Annual
Parliament / Funkadelic

Artist Song Album Year Country
Funkadelic Maggot Brain Intro Maggot Brain 1971 USA
Funkadelic Good To Your Earhole Let's Take It To The Stage 1975 USA
Parliament  Funky Woman Osmium 1970 USA
Funkadelic Balance America Eats Its Young 1972 USA
Funkadelic Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On 1974 USA
Bootsy's Rubber Band Psychoticbumpschool Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band 1976 USA
Parliament  One Of Those Funky Things Motor Booty Affair 1978 USA
Parliament  Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome 1977 USA
Bootsy Collins  Countracula (This One's For You) The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away 1982 USA
Parlet Huff And Puff Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers 1979 USA
Bootsy Collins  Sound Crack Ultra Wave 1980 USA
Sly & The Family Stone  I Wanna Take You Higher Stand 1969 USA
Funkadelic Comin' Around The Mountain Hardcore Jollies 1976 USA
Parliament  Gamin On Ya! / Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (live) Live: P-Funk Earth Tour 1977 USA
"George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic" Get Off Your Ass And Jam / Night Of The Thumpasaurus People (live) The Mothership Connection Live From Houston rec. 1977,
rel. 1985
Parliament  P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Mothership Connection 1976 USA
Funkadelic (with guest Sly Stone) Funk Gets Stronger (pt. 1) The Electric Spanking Of War Babies 1981 USA
Funkadelic (Not Just) Knee Deep Uncle Jam Wants You
1979 USA
Parliament  Red Hot Mama Alternate version of single A-side
(First Thangs CD)
1971 USA
Funkadelic I Wanna Know If It's Good To You Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow 1970 USA
Funkadelic What Is Soul? Funkadelic 1970 USA
Funkadelic March To The Witch's Castle Cosmic Slop 1973 USA
Funkadelic Back In Our Minds Maggot Brain 1971 USA
Parliament  The Big Bang Theory Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin The Tail On The Funky) 1979 USA
Funkadelic A Joyful Process America Eats Its Young 1972 USA
Funkadelic Eulogy And Light Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow 1970 USA
Funkadelic Adolescent Funk Hardcore Jollies 1976 USA
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