July 25, 2007 Playlist

"Raunch 'n' Roll Live" by Black Oak Arkansas (1973)
Black Oak Arkansas "Raunch 'n' Roll Live" 1973 (USA)
In my humble opinion, this record by a second-tier, mostly forgotten Southern boogie band is one of the greatest live albums ever recorded!  None of the Oak's studio albums consistently capture the manic gutbucket guffawing intensity as well as this greasy sucker from 1973.  This is the classic line-up of the group, with their phalanx of four long-haaared gitarists (including the bassist sporting a fox tail on his axe), future Ozzy whizbang drummer Tommy "Dork Jackson" Aldridge, and bullfrog-croaking hippie manwhore Jim "Dandy" Mangrum at the center of the madness getting down on rhythm washboard!  Seriously, one whole song seems devoted to Dandy's washboard shenanigans (and he can't help but join in on the obligatory drum solo too.)  Song titles include "Gettin' Kinda Cocky", "Hot Rod" and "Hot And Nasty" (the band's anthem), so you kinda know what you're in for.  Most tunes are prefaced by grammatically challenged mushmouth preachments  from J.D., which are perhaps even more entertaining than the songs themselves.  BOA albums seem easier to find the closer you get to Atlanta, GA (though of course the band hails from the village of Black Oak, Arkansas -- a burg too small to be included on most maps) -- their LP's are rarely spotted outside of the borders of the old confederacy.  YEEEEHAWWWWW!  Official BOA website
Flash back to 1973 with the awesome Black Oak LIVE on YOU-TUBE!  
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Sun City Girls Journey To The Centre Of The Mind
(Amboy Dukes cover)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection 7: Libyan Dream rec. 1993 USA
Red Noise (Patrick Vian) 20 Mirror Mozarts Composing On Tea Bag And 1/2 Cup Bra Sarcelles-Locheres 1970 France
Mr. Bungle (R) Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy California 1999 USA
The Residents Goosebump:  Farmers Diskomo 2000 CD 1979 USA
The B-52's (R) Private Idaho Wild Planet 1980 USA
The Sweet Turn It Down Desolation Boulevard (UK version) 1974 UK
Slade (R) Mama Weer All Crazee Now Sladest rec. 1972 UK
Rasputina Draconian Crackdown Oh Perilous World (N) 2007 (Filthy Bonnet) USA
Dead Child Never Bet The Devil Your Head Dead Child EP (N) 2007 (Cold Sweat) USA
Cheeseburger Pirates Cheeseburger (N) 2007 (Kemado) USA
Witch's Hat Huzzah Mastery Of The Steel (N) 2007 (Emergency Umbrella) USA
Steve Lieberman The Beat Of My Funeral Drum Melancholia Falling (N) 2006 (Bad'lan) USA
Loop Ret@rd I'm In Charge Radio Retard (N - radio comp)
2007 (self release) USA
Wilhelmina Baker Amarilli, Mia Bella Pregnant EP (N) 2007 (self release) USA
Throbbing Gristle The Worm Waits Its Turn Part Two: Endless Not (N) 2007 (Industrial/Mute) UK
Von Sudenfed
Mark E. Smith &
 Mouse on Mars)
Speech Contamination - German Fear Of Osterreich Tromatic Reflexxions (N) 2007 (Domino) UK/Germany
The Show Is The Rainbow You Are The Bloodgnome The Show Is The Rainbow (N) 2007 (S.A.F.) USA
Black Moth Super Rainbow Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods Dandelion Gum (N) 2007 (Graveface) USA
Antelope Flower Reflector (N) 2007 (Dischord) USA
Boris & Michio Kurihara Rainbow Rainbow (N) 2007 (Drag City) Japan
Sonic Youth Total Trash (Live) Daydream Nation
(N - reissue with bonus tracks)
2007 (Geffen/Universal) USA
Wolf & Cub Steal Their Gold Vessels  (N) 2006 (4AD) Australia
Black Oak Arkansas Mutants Of The Monster
  / Hot And Nasty (Live)
Raunch 'n' Roll Live
1973 USA
Led Zeppelin Rock & Roll
  / Celebration Day (Live)
The Song Remains The Same rec. 1973 UK
The Who My Wife (Live) Two's Missing (rarities comp) rec. 1971 UK
The Who Bargain (Live) Who's Missing (rarities comp) rec. 1972 UK
Thurston Moore
(his 49th birthday is today)
Elegy For All The Dead Rock Stars Psychic Hearts 1995 USA
Stereolab Nihilist Assault Groop
   Parts 1 & 2 / Parts 3, 4 & 5
Mars Audiac Quintet / B-side 1994 UK/France
Pavement Half A Canyon Wowee Zowee 1994 USA
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