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"Meat Puppets II" by Meat Puppets (1983)
Meat Puppets "Meat Puppets II" 1983 (USA)
The Meat Puppets from Arizona were one of the most original American bands of the 1980's.  They joined up with the Black Flag/SST punk rock circle early on, releasing their first records in 1981, a 5-song 7" and a 14-song 45rpm 12" -- both absurd hardcore ravings full of 60-second songs encapsulating shriek-mumble vocals, ear bleeding out-of-tune guitar solos and hyperactive drumming.  But when it came time to record their second LP the following year, they had grown bored with thrashing and guitarist Curt Kirkwood instead wrote a batch of peyote-drenched . . . country songs?!?  Which the band then interprets with their cosmic desert vibe, resulting in a record that defies easy categorization.  The Pups continued to mystify for a number of years and even achieved a US gold record when the major labels snapped them up in the midst of the grunge hype (500,000+ units of Too High To Die sold and the single "Backwater" just missed the  Top 40 in 1994).  Recently, Curt & Cris Kirkwood have reunited (though without original drummer Derrick Bostrom) and released a new Meat Puppets album (Rise To Your Knees on Anodyne records.)  
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(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Arzachel (Steve Hillage + Egg) Metempsychoses Arzachel 1969 UK
Steve Hillage Aftaglid Fish Rising 1975 UK
Julian Cope Twilight of the Motherfuckers Rite Now 2002 UK
Moebius - Plank - Neumeier Search Zero Zero Set 1983 Germany
Meat Puppets Split Myself In Two Meat Puppets II
1983 USA
Meat Puppets Oh, Me Meat Puppets II
1983 USA
Meat Puppets Lost (alternate version) Meat Puppets II  (CD reissue bonus track)
1983 USA
Meat Puppets Vultures Rise To Your Knees (N) 2007 (Anodyne) USA
Husker Du Eight Miles High (Byrds cover) 7" single A-side 1984 USA
Minutemen Cut Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat 1983 USA
Tar Babies Swing Set Fried Milk 1987 USA
Black Flag Obliteration Slip It In 1984 USA
The Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat Blueberry Boat
2004 USA
Faust J'ai Mal Aux Dents (I Have A Toothache) The Faust Tapes 1973 Germany
Earthling Society Drowned World (N) 2007 UK
DeepSpacePilots Far Side of Neptune DeepSpacePilots (N) 2006 (Stardog) USA
The Small Faces Show Me The Way There Are But Four Small Faces 1968 UK
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Buddha Volume 2: Breaking Through 1967 USA
Os Mutantes Le Premier Bonheur du Jour Os Mutantes 1968 Brazil
Cornershop We're In Yr Corner When I Was Born For The 7th Time 1997 UK
Bad Brains I Luv I Jah Bad Brains (N - reissue) rec. 1982 (ROIR) USA
Nick Drake Been Smokin' Too Long Family Tree (N - outtakes) rec. 1967-68,
rel. 2007 (Tsunami)
Jade Warrior Barazinbar (excerpt) Released 1971 UK
The All Saved Freak Band (R) Messed Up Brainwashed 1976 USA
Buffy St. Marie God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot Illuminations 1969 Canada
Tim Buckley The Healing Festival Starsailor 1970 USA
The Incredible String Band Sleepers, Awake! Changing Horses 1969 UK
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