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"Outsideinside" by Blue Cheer (1968)
Blue Cheer "Outsideinside" 1968 (USA)
Blue Cheer's first two albums with Leigh Stephens on atonal sub-Hendrix lead guitar are true landmarks in the development of "heavy" music.  In fact some critics argue that their debut Vincebus Eruptum from early 1968 marks the dawn of heavy metal.   For this, their second album, they broadened their over-amped power trio sound and went haywire with stereo panning and other effects in the mixing process.  The result is truly a mind-melting record that still packs a powerful wallop today, and is arguably the highpoint of their career. Stephens left after this album, to be replaced by equally heavy axeman Randy Holden (from The Other Half), though he unfortunately only stuck around for one side of an album (the "good half" of their third LP, New! Improved! from 1969.)  Their final three albums found singing bassist Dickie Peterson leading the band in a less overbearing (and less interesting) "boogie" direction, though these records still have their occasional highlights.

"Hippie Xmas" second-hand vinyl special
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Grand Funk Railroad Sin's A Good Man's Brother Closer To Home 1970 USA
The Amboy Dukes Breast-Fed Gator Marriage on the Rocks:  Rock Bottom 1970 USA
Rush Finding My Way Rush 1974 Canada
Budgie Living On Your Own In For The Kill 1974 UK (Wales)
Blue Cheer Just A Little Bit Outsideinside
1968 USA
Blue Cheer Gypsy Ball Outsideinside
1968 USA
Blue Cheer Come And Get It Outsideinside
1968 USA
Black Sabbath Faeries Wear Boots Paranoid 1970 UK
Deep Purple Rat Bat Blue Who Do We Think We Are 1973 UK
Elvis Presley Do The Clam At The Movies
(N - reissue compilation; from Girl Happy)
rec. 1965 (RCA) USA
Nancy Sinatra &
Lee Hazlewood  (R.I.P. "Haze"
July 9, 1929 – August 4, 2007
Big Red Balloon Nancy & Lee Again 1972 USA
Pink Floyd Pigs On The Wing (part 1) --> Dogs Animals
1977 UK
The Mothers of Invention King Kong Uncle Meat 1968 USA
The Mothers of Invention No. No. No. Cruising With Ruben & The Jets 1968 USA
Jack Jones Spinning Wheel  (Blood Sweat & Tears cover) All To Yourself:  20 Golden Greats
c. 1970? USA
Chicago The Approaching Storm
  --> Man Vs. Man: The End
Chicago III 1970 USA
Emerson Lake & Palmer The Endless Engima (part 1) --> Fugue
  --> The Endless Enigma (part 2)
1972 UK
Black Oak Arkansas Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
  --> When Electricity Came To Arkansas
Black Oak Arkansas
1971 USA
White Witch Illusions
  --> It's So Nice To Be Stoned
White Witch
1972 USA
The Monkees Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again? Head (OST) 1968 USA
Lothar & The Hand People What Grows On Your Head Space Hymn 1969 USA
The Strawberry Alarm Clock Barefoot In Baltimore The World In A Sea Shell 1968 USA
The Guess Who Love Is A Yellow Rose Wheatfield Soul 1969 Canada
Chris Montez Foolin' Around Family Portrait
(A&M Records sampler -
various artists)
1968 USA
Eric Burdon & The Animals Man-Woman Winds Of Change 1967 UK
Grant Hart Twenty-Five Forty-One Intolerance 1989 USA
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