August 29, 2007 Playlist

"ESG" EP by ESG (1981)
ESG "ESG" EP 1981 (USA)
ESG was one of the more interesting groups to come along in the wake of punk rock.  The Scroggins sisters from the South Bronx formed a band when their mom bought them musical instruments to keep them out of trouble -- but they couldn't afford music lessons, so had to make up their own style of playing.  But as fortune would have it, their minimalist, herky-jerky version of funk was a perfect match with the no-wave herky-jerky minimalism gaining popularity in Manhattan punk clubs at the time.  They hooked up with the hip 99 Records label (home of Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras and Glenn Branca) and recorded a session with Joy Division's producer Martin Hannett, which makes up the first side of their debut EP.  "Moody" became their biggest hit, and is a classic post-punk disco jam.  The remarkable industrial guitar sound from "UFO" has been sampled countless times by hip-hop artists since it came out.  On the flip side, the band performs three songs live, including the self-explanatory angular funk nuggets "ESG" and "Hey!"  The sisters revived ESG in the 1990's and a version of the band still performs today.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Anton Newcombe is 40 years old today!
Super-Sonic Give It Back! 1997 USA
Van Morrison
born Aug 31, 1945
T. B. Sheets Blowin' Your Mind 1967 Ireland
Charlie Parker
would have been 87 years old today
Loverman The Legendary Dial Masters rec. 1946 USA
Sonny Sharrock
born Aug 27, 1940
Who Does She Hope To Be? Ask The Ages 1991 USA
Charlie Parker
(with Miles Davis)
The Hymn The Legendary Dial Masters rec. 1947 USA
Sonny Sharrock
Hit Single
(Theme from Space Ghost Coast To Coast)
Space Ghost Coast To Coast OST 1994 USA
Gloria The Story of Them Featuring Van Morrison rec. 1964 Ireland
Them I Can Only Give You Everything The Story of Them Featuring Van Morrison rec. 1966 Ireland
Charlie Parker
(with Miles Davis)
Ornithology (live) Giants of Jazz 12 (Telstar records) rec. 1946 USA
Miles Davis
(with Sonny Sharrock)
Yesternow (excerpt) A Tribute To Jack Johnson 1971 USA
Pere Ubu Make Hay New Picnic Time
1979 USA
Gang of Four Ether Entertainment!
1979 UK
1981 USA
Liars Plaster Casts of Everything Liars (N)
2007 (Mute) USA
Throbbing Gristle Lyre Liar Part Two: Endless Not (N) 2007 (Industrial/Mute) UK
Free Kitten Revlon Liberation Orchestra Nice Ass 1995 USA/Japan
The Scissor Girls EvxrxbdxLvxaGdMxatrx From: The Scissor Girls, To: The Imaginary Layer On Skeletons 1994 USA
1981 USA
Liars Tumbling Walls Buried Me In The Debris With ESG They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
2001 USA
Liquid Liquid Cavern Optimo EP
1983 USA
Public Image Ltd. Chant Second Edition (aka Metal Box)
1979 UK
Virgin Prunes Come To Daddy A New Form of Beauty 2 (10" single)
1981 Ireland
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Damo Suzuki Please Heat This Eventually
   (parts I, II & III)
Please Heat This Eventually (N) 2007 (Gold Standard Laboratories) USA/Japan
Droids Attack The Lord Fatal / Error (N) 2007 (Crustacean) USA
Tia Carrera Untitled Track 1 Heaven / Hell (N) 2007 (Arclight) USA
Charlie Parker
Now's The Time The Essential Charlie Parker (Verve records) rec. 1953 USA
Van Morrison
Cypress Avenue Astral Weeks 1968 Ireland
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