September 5, 2007 Playlist
"Clear Blue Sky" by Clear Blue Sky (1970)
Clear Blue Sky "Clear Blue Sky" 1970 (UK)
Released on the hip British label Vertigo (home of Black Sabbath) -- and with one of the earliest album covers by Roger Dean (Yes, Uriah Heep, Budgie) -- the Clear Blue Sky album is understandably quite collectible.  The band's story is quite remarkable too -- this power trio of school mates were only 18 years old when they recorded their debut (apparently with Led Zeppelin in the studio next door!)  At the time CBS would have been categorized as a "heavy progressive" band, but from today's perspective bands like this were clearly on the cutting edge of what was soon to become "heavy metal."  This was the only Clear Blue Sky album released during their initial run in the 1970's, though in later decades more recordings would surface (tapes from 1968-69 released as "Out Of The Blue" and a post-Vertigo demo session polished up and released under the title "Destiny") -- eventually culminating in a 1990 reunion and three more studio albums (so far!)  They are still active today and play sporadic gigs in Europe.  Official website.
"Heavy Bands That Never Made It"
Moby Grape Leaf Hound Captain Beyond The Stark Reality
Hampton Grease Band Sir Lord Baltimore Granicus Armageddon (UK)
Artist Song Album Year Country
Broth I'm A King Broth 1971 USA
Leaf Hound Stagnant Pool Growers of Mushroom 1971 UK
Highway Robbery Ain't Gonna Take No More For Love Or Money 1972 USA
Pentagram All Your Sins (original vinyl LP mix) Pentagram (aka Relentless)  1985 USA
Sir Lord Baltimore Helium Head (I Got A Love) Kingdom Come 1970 USA
Three Man Army Butter Queen A Third Of A Lifetime 1971 UK
Toe Fat That's My Love For You Toe Fat 1970 UK
Silverhead Underneath The Light Silverhead 1972 UK
Dust Suicide Hard Attack 1972 USA
Granicus You're In America Granicus 1973 USA
Suck The Whip Time To Suck 1970 South Africa
Armageddon (UK) Basking In The White of the Midnight Sun (part 1)
 --> Brother Ego -->

Basking In The White of the Midnight Sun (part 2)
Armageddon 1975 UK
Captain Beyond Frozen Over Captain Beyond 1972 USA
Cactus One Way . . . Or Another One Way . . . Or Another 1970 USA
Clear Blue Sky You Mystify Clear Blue Sky
1970 UK
Magma (Korea) Track 1 (title in Korean) Magma 1981 South Korea
Exmagma Dada Goldball 1974 Germany
Sproton Layer Pretty Pictures With Magnetic Fields Disrupted rec. 1970,
rel. 1992
The Human Equation (aka Peace Pipe) Open Your Mind John Uzonyi's Peace Pipe Featuring The Human Equation rec. 1969,
rel. 1995
Dragonfly I Feel It Dragonfly 1970 USA
The United States of America Hard Coming Love The United States of America 1968 USA
Moby Grape Bitter Wind (demo version) The Vintage Years
(CD complilation - finished version released on Wow LP)
1968 USA
St. John Green Goddess Of Death St. John Green 1968 USA
Mephistopheles Dead Ringer In Frustration I Hear Singing 1969 USA
Quill BBY Quill 1970 USA
Elephants Memory Old Man Willow Midnight Cowboy OST 1969 USA
Hampton Grease Band Hey Old Lady / Bert's Song Music To Eat 1971 USA
Ars Nova (USA) Well, Well, Well Sunshine & Shadows 1969 USA
Jade Warrior A Prenormal Day At Brighton Jade Warrior 1970 UK
Savage Resurrection Expectations Savage Resurrection 1968 USA
The Stark Reality Dreams Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop
(also Now CD comp)
1970 USA
Shuggie Otis Strawberry Letter #23 Freedom Flight
(also Inspiration Information CD reissue)
1971 USA
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