October 24, 2007 Playlist

"Spirit of Yma" by Vermonster (1990)
Vermonster  "Spirit of Yma"  1990 (USA)
This is perhaps the most mysterious and even downright spooky record I have ever come across.  After a few years of investigation, I eventually solved the mystery of Vermonster however:  Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar (whose best known band is called Major Stars) play mondo acid rock covers of extremely obscure songs of the 60's, recorded with maximum garage fuzz, and then pepper their albums with further references to even more obscure records.  But if you don't know The Index, Bent Wind, Wendy & Bonnie Flower, Yma Sumac or Merrel Fankhauser (and face it, you probably don't!) it makes for a disoerienting experience indeed.  There's something vaguely familiar lurking under that blanket of haze, but it's all in some obscure secret code . . .  Not surprisingly, the group has a connection to the Twisted Village record store in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- no wonder Vermonster sounds like the revenge of a basement full of moldy olde psych records!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Black Moth Super Rainbow Forever Heavy Dandelion Gum (N) 2007 (Graveface) USA
Qui Echoes (Pink Floyd) Love's Miracle (N) 2007 (Ipecac) USA
The Fiery Furnaces Clear Signal From Cairo Widow City (N)
2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Old Time Relijun A Wild Harvest Catharsis In Crisis (N) 2007 (K Records) USA
Maps and Atlases Big Bopper Anthems Tree, Swallows, Houses EP (N)
2007 (Sargent House) USA
MF Lunch & The Little Cotton Woolies Snake Charmer Boogie Woogie Trippin' Time (N)
2007 (self) USA
Trin-Tran Wounded Grows A Rose (N) 2007 (Animalman) USA
Flaming Fire Golden Skull Kentucky Shroud (N)
2007 (Cuniglius) USA
Deconstructing Jim Blacklung A Future Told By Swords (N)
2007 (Half Empty /
Jim Records)
Clipd Beaks Black Glass Hoarse Lords (N)
2007 (Love Pump United) USA
Secret Saucer Atom Smasher Element 115 (N)
2005 (Dead Earnest) USA
Van der Graaf Generator Lemmings (including COG) Pawn Hearts 1971 UK
Soft Machine 1983 Sixth 1973 UK
Hawkwind Magnu Warrior On The Edge Of Time 1975 UK
Can Cutaway Unlimited Edition
(compilation of outtakes)
rec. 1969 Germany
Faust Meadow Meal Faust 1971 Germany
Vermonster Grease Of The Yak -->
   Rainy, Starless Night (Index cover)
Spirit Of Yma
1990 USA
The Index Rainy, Starless Night The Index 1967 USA
Sun Ra and his Arkestra India Super-Sonic Jazz 1956 USA
Sonny Rollins (Trio) I'm An Old Cowhand (alternate take) Way Out West 1957 USA
Miles Davis with John Coltrane (Quintet) Oleo (by Sonny Rollins) Relaxin' With The Miles Davis Quintet 1956 USA
Archie Shepp (Sextet) Cousin Mary (by John Coltrane) Four For Trane 1964 USA
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