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"Entertainment!" by Gang of Four (1979)
Gang of Four  "Entertainment!"  1979 (UK)
Gang of Four has proven to be one of the most influential bands of their era, the so-called "post-punk" movement of the late 70's and early 80's (don't call 'em "new wave"!)  In fact, even back in the late 1980's they were the most name-checked UK group on the US "indie punk" scene (Madison's two most prominent bands of the era both owe a large debt to Go4:  Killdozer for their Marxist imagery, and Tar Babies for their skittery whiteboy funk.)  Among the band's key points of distinction:  1) the slamminest funky British rhythm section of all time, 2) the amazing industrial guitar scrapings of Andy Gill, and 3) vocalist Jon King's capitalist critiques delivered in styles ranging from deadpan to desperate.  Entertainment! was their first long player, and almost 30 years later it seems like something of a cornerstone in rock history. 
It's not a song from this album, but here's a great live clip: "To Hell With Poverty!".
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Meat Puppets Touchdown King (Live) Live in Montana rec. 1988 USA
Meat Puppets I Got A Right
(Iggy & The Stooges)
Meat Puppets
(Outtake bonus track on Ryko CD reissue)
rec. 1981 USA
Meat Puppets Never To Be Found Too High To Die 1994 USA
Flipper Sex Bomb Baby Generic 1981 USA
Gang of Four Damaged Goods Entertainment!
1979 UK
Gang of Four Return The Gift Entertainment!
1979 UK
Our Time Read & Burn 03 EP (N) 2007 (Cargo / Revolver) UK
Liars Red Dirt House Clouds CD single "B-side" (N)
2007 (Mute) USA
Me'shell Ndegéocello
Article 3 The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams (N) 2007 (Kuzcek) USA
Black Dice
Drool Load Blown (N) 2007 (Paw Tracks) USA
Athletic Automaton Caesar's Haircut A Journey Through Roman's Empire (N) 2007 (Skin Graft) USA
Clipd Beaks High On Charms Hoarse Lords (N)
2007 (Love Pump United) USA
Woman And Man La Cucaracha (N) 2007 (Chocodog / Rounder) USA
The New Lou Reeds You Don't Have To Die Top Billin' (N) /
   Julian Cope's comp "Ohio Is Out Of Business"
2006 (Exit Stencil) USA
Amplified Heat
What Went Wrong How Do You Like The Sound Of That (N) 2007 (Arclight) USA
Bald Eagle
We. Have. You. Did. Hot Shoulders (N) 2007 (Emergency Umbrella) USA
Electro Group
Killer Bees Good Technology (N) 2007 (Clairecords) USA
Baby Elephant
(Prince Paul & Bernie Worrell)
David Byrne
How Does The Brain Wave? Turn My Teeth Up! (N) 2007 (Godforsaken Music) USA
Flying Lotus Spicy Sammich Reset EP (N) 2007 (Warp) USA
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
In A Tomb Of Your Own Scared Famous (N - compilation?) 2007 (Hall of Records) USA
She Is So Beautiful, She Is So Blonde
Crimes (Gutter Scent) She Is So Beautiful, She Is So Blonde(N) 2007 (Science of Sound) USA
60 Watt Kid
OCSICNARFNAS 60 Watt Kid (N) 2006 (Absolutely Kosher) USA
The Octopus Project
I Saw The Bright Shinies Hello, Avalanche (N) 2007 (Peek-A-Boo) USA
Einsturzende Neubaten
Weil Weil Weil Alles Wieder Offen (N) 2007 (Potomak / Rykodisc) Germany
Neil Young
No Hidden Path Chrome Dreams II (N) 2007 (Reprise) Canada/USA
Six Organs Of Admittance
Coming To Get You Shelter From The Ash (N) 2007 (Drag City) USA
Earthling Society A Song For John Donne Tears Of Andromeda - Black Sails Against The Sky (N) 2007 (Nasoni) UK
A Minha Menina (Live) Mutantes Ao Vivo - Barbican Theatre, Londres 2006 (N) 2007 (Luaka Bop) Brazil
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