December 5, 2007 Playlist

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Group Sounds & The New Rock
Flower Travellin' Band (Akira "Joe" Yamanaka, right front)   Speed (center) Glue (left) & Shinki (right) Les Rallizes Denudes' leader Takeshi Mizutani
"Eve" by Speed Glue & Shinki (1971)
Speed Glue & Shinki "Eve"  1971 (Japan/Philippines)
In Julian Cope's recent book Japrocksampler: How The Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds On Rock & Roll, he lists his 50 favorite Japanese albums of the psychedelic era, and tied for #1 are Flower Travellin Band's Satori (already a CAOTW on this show) and the debut record by the most notorious drug punk band of all time, Speed Glue & Shinki.  This trio of halfbreeds was formed by two former members of the legendary Japanese supergroup Foodbrain (Franco-Japanese bassist Masayoshi "Louis Louis" Kabe and half-Chinese lead guitarist Shinki Chen) who joined up with singing Filipino-American drummer Joey "Pepe" Smith.  Aside from the degenerate subject matter of their songs (mostly about drugs -- the group's name is even a reference to Smith's "speed" habit and Kabe's fondness for sniffing "glue"), the most notable thing about this band is their inversion of the standard power trio formula.   Their lead guitarist is conventional almost to the point of being boring, whereas the bass provides uniquely atonal (anti-) melodies, and their drummer is the true leader, not only writing & singing most of the tunes, but also shifting tempos mid-song whenever he feels like it.  The final weird touch is a fiendishly separated and murky mix that makes early Black Sabbath records sound like Joan Baez!
It's almost impossible to find much SG&S on the web, so instead here's a 1998 clip of the legendary Filipino power trio Juan De La Cruz, Joey "Pepe" Smith's more successful follow up group (which also features Mike Hanopol, who replaced Masayoshi Kabe as bassist on the second and final Speed Glue & Shinki album.  Also note Joey is wearing a Speed Glue & Shinki T-shirt!)
As a bonus, here's a video clip of Gedo, a hard-rocking biker band that sounds like a cross between Motorhead and the Ramones, but came along a couple years before either of those bands!
Artist Song Album Year Country
People Prologue / Shomyo Ceremony - Buddha Meet Rock 1971 Japan
The Helpful Soul Peace For Fools First Album 1969 Japan
Blues Creation Atomic Bombs Away Demon & Eleven Children 1971 Japan
Flower Travellin' Band Hiroshima Made In Japan 1972 Japan
Flower Travellin' Band Satori parts 1 & 2 Satori 1971 Japan
Flower Travellin' Band Map 7" single
(bonus track on some CD reissues of Satori)
1971 Japan
The Golden Cups
(Masayoshi "Louis Louis" Kabe AKA "GLUE")
(Junior Walker)
Volume 2 1968 Japan
(Joey "Pepe" Smith AKA "SPEED")
Purple Haze
(Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo
(Various artists compilation)
c. 1969 Philippines/Japan
Shinki Chen Requiem Of Confusion Shinki Chen And Friends 1970 Japan
Speed Glue & Shinki Mr. Walking Drugstore Man Eve
1971 Japan/Philippines
Speed Glue & Shinki Stoned Out Of My Mind Eve
1971 Japan/Philippines
Les Rallizes Denudes Track 3 (Untitled) Oz Days Live
(Various artists compilation)
rec. 1973 Japan
Les Rallizes Denudes Field Of Artificial Flower Flightless Bird (Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go)
(CD compilation)
rec. 70's or 80's Japan
Gedo Yellow Monkey Best Gedo
(CD compilation)
c. 1975 Japan
3/3 Always Sanbun No San 1975 Japan
Datetenryu The "Butsu" Me Which Is Broken
(? song title roughly translated from Japanese)
(mistakenly refered to as "Unto 1971" in Cope's book)
rec. 1971 Japan
Yonin Bayashi Sota To Kumo Ishoku-Sokuhatsu 1974 Japan
The Jacks Mariannu ("Marianne") Vacant World 1968 Japan
Love Live Life + 1 The Question Mark Love Will Make A Better You 1971 Japan
Far East Family Band Nipponjin Nipponjin 1975 Japan
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