December 12, 2007 Playlist

part two of three
Theatre Music, Super Sessions & Jazz
J.A. Caesar (far right)   Masahiko Satoh (left) with Wolfgang Dauner   Magical Power Mako
"Amalgamation" by Masahiko Satoh (1971)
Masahiko Satoh & Soundbreakers "Amalgamation"  1971 (Japan)
This album by jazz pianist Masahiko Satoh is one of the real gems mentioned in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler book, a record which has been little-known in"the West" until now.  Consisting of two rather different side-long suites, this mutt of an LP touches on such styles as jazz, rock, classical, traditional Japanese music, avant-garde electronics and musique concrete.  It also has some similarities to the way Miles Davis was starting to construct his electronic albums around the same time, both having been inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen (who passed away last week.)  As Cope also notes, Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy album, which was among the first to juxtapose "serious" and "popular" styles, probably also served as something of a prototype for this type of record, which could have only been recorded in the late 60's / early 70's!
Here's a video clip of Satoh in a more traditional jazz setting (with Steve Gadd on drums -- this is the best I could find!)  Also, here's a clip of Wolfgang Dauner (who inspired & collaborated with Satoh) playing some groovy fusion jazz that sounds sorta "Asian."  
And finally, here's your bonus clip:  the opening scene from the psychedelic Japanese film Throw Away The Books, We're Going Out In The Streets,  scored by Tokyo Kid Brothers.
Artist Song Album Year Country
Magical Power Mako The End Amen
  / Cha Cha
Magical Power Mako 1974 Japan
Magical Power Mako Jump Jump 1977 Japan
Tokyo Kid Brothers Track 1 Throw Away The Books, We're Going Out In The Streets 1971 Japan
Cast Recording The Flesh Failures: Let The Sunshine In Hair (Japanese cast recording) 1971 Japan
Food Brain Waltz For M.P.B.
  / Liver Juice Vending Machine
Bansan (A Social Gathering) 1970 Japan
Hiro Yanagida Running Shirts Long Milk Time 1970 Japan
Kimio Mizutani A Path Through Haze A Path Through Haze 1971 Japan
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes Wanyama Na Mapambazuko Uganda 1972 Japan
Masahiko Satoh & Soundbreakers Part 1 Amalgamation
1971 Japan
Stomu Yamashita What A Way To Live In Modern Times Red Buddha Theatre
(Soundtrack to The Man From The East)
1973 Japan
J. A. Caesar "Flower Snow -  Mania Woman Paragraph"
(? title roughly translated from Japanese)
Jasumon (Heresy) 1972 Japan
J. A. Caesar & Shirubu Jihinshin Tori Shin Toku Maru (Poison Body Circle) 1978 Japan
J. A. Caesar Haha Koishiya Sangoshou Kokkyou Jyunreika (Border Pilgrim Song)  1973 Japan
Geino Yamashirogumi Osorezan Osorezan 1976 Japan
Toshi Ichiyanagi with Flower Travellin' Band The Flowers (AKA I'm Dead) (excerpt) Opera Inspired By The Works Of Tadanori Yoko'o 1969 Japan
Brast Burn Part 1 Debon 1975 Japan
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