December 19, 2007 Playlist

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The Avant-Garde
Taj Mahal Travellers (Takehisa Kosugi, far left)   Yoko Ono

"Fly" by Yoko Ono (1971)
Yoko Ono  "Fly"  1971 (Japan)
Without a doubt, Yoko Ono is the most famous musician ever to come from Japan, and perhaps the most well known avant-garde artist of the 20th century.  Though ironically, her reknown is mostly based on her being "the widow Lennon" -- when in fact her marriage to John (his second and her third) was very much a marriage of equals.  Before she hooked up with the lead Beatle, Yoko was well known globally as a leading member of the fluxus movement, and hung around and performed on the same stages as other luminaries of the avant-garde such as John Cage, LaMonte Young, George Maciunas and her first husband, the regarded experimental composer Toshi Ichiyanagi.  (In case you're keeping score, her second husband was jazz musician Tony Cox.)  The double album Fly was Yoko's second solo album (named for an experimental film she made with Lennon), and is arguably her musical masterpiece (though from a more "rock-ist" perspective, the free form caterwauling on her debut Plastic Ono Band is also top notch -- it's even better than Lennon's simultaneously released album of the same title!)
Here are some of Yoko's experimental films from the 1960's (including Fly.)  And here's a clip of Yoko jamming with John Lennon, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards in one of her first "rocknroll" performances.
As a bonus, you can watch the entire 100 minute long documentary film about Takehisa Kosugi's Taj Mahal Travellers here!!!

Artist Song Album Year Country
Les Rallizes Denudes Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes rec. 1989? Japan
Masayuki Takayanagi & New Directions The Galactic System Independence Tread On Sure Ground 1969 Japan
Frank Zappa (Born Dec 21, 1940) Part 1 Lumpy Gravy 1967 USA
Yoko Ono (with Ornette Coleman) AOS Plastic Ono Band 1970 Japan/USA
Yoko Ono You Fly
1971 Japan
Toshi Ichiyanagi / Michael Ranta / Takehisa Kosugi  Part 2 Improvisation Sep. 1975 1975 Japan
Taj Mahal Travellers (Takehisa Kosugi) II August 1974 1974 Japan
Takehisa Kosugi Mano Dharma '74 Catch-Wave 1975 Japan
East Bionic Symphonia (Takehisa Kosugi) Part 1 (7:30 pm - 7:47 pm) East Bionic Symphonia 1976 Japan
Group Ongaku (Takehisa Kosugi) Object Music Of Group Ongaku rec. 1960 Japan
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