January 9, 2008 Playlist

"Up On The Sun" by Meat Puppets (1985)
Meat Puppets  "Up On The Sun"  1985 (USA)
Scott Walker and Curt Kirkwood have birthdays this week, and since Scott already has had two Classic Albums, we'll add another Meat Puppets record to the pile.  This was the third Pups full-length record, and their third totally different sound.  After beginning as a whacked-out hardcore punk band, they had turned to psychedelia and country music for their second LP, and for their third they hit perhaps their most original sound of all.   Curt's cleanly recorded guitar and his brother Cris' bass play interweaving melodies over crisp funk-ish Derrick Bostrum beats, and the sparse and dry-as-a-bone recording style certainly evokes their roots in the Arizona desert.  Sort of like Talking Heads as a space cowboy jam band -- and back in 1985, this was considered "punk rock!"
Here's Curt Kirkwood and his son Elmo playing the title track from this album on acoustic guitars.  And here  are a few Meat Puppets music videos from other albums: "Sam" from 1991 (featuring the fastest singing ever!);   flash back to the grunge era with their big(gest) hit "Backwater" from 1994;  and here's "Scum"  from their 1996 flop/breakup album, which I think is quite underrated!
(N) = New Release

(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
Brian Eno The True Wheel Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy 1974 UK
Quiet Sun (R)
(Phil Manzanera & Brian Eno)
Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil Mainstream 1975 UK
Dzyan Dragonsong Dzyan 1972 Germany
Kraan Home Andy Nogger 1974 Germany
Meat Puppets
(Curt Kirkwood born Jan 10, 1959)
Teenager(s) Meat Puppets II
(CD bonus track - originally appeared in a punk 'zine compilation)
rec. 1982 USA
Meat Puppets Franklin's Tower (Grateful Dead) Meat Puppets
(CD bonus track - studio outtake)
rec. 1981 USA
Eyes Adrift (Curt Kirkwood) Solid Eyes Adrift 2002 USA
Volcano (Curt Kirkwood) Twisted Seeds Volcano 2004 USA
Curt Kirkwood Snow Snow 2005 USA
Meat Puppets Plateau Meat Puppets II  1983 USA
Meat Puppets Two Rivers Up On The Sun 
1985 USA
The Walker Brothers
(Noel Scott "Walker" Engel born Jan 9, 1943)
Deadlier Than The Male A-side single
Five Easy Pieces CD box set -
also theme from the movie Deadlier Than The Male
1966 USA/UK
Scott Walker The Plague B-side single
(Five Easy Pieces CD box set)
1967 USA/UK
The Walker Brothers The Electrician Nite Flights 1978 USA/UK
Scott Walker Track Six Climate Of Hunter 1984 USA/UK
Scott Walker Tilt Tilt 1995 USA/UK
Scott Walker Jesse The Drift 2006 USA/UK
Archie Shepp
Le Matin Des Noire (Live) New Thing At Newport
(split LP/CD with John Coltrane)

Max Roach Garvey's Ghost Percussion Bitter Sweet
1961 USA
Thelonious Monk Bye-Ya Thelonious Monk 1952 USA
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Slippery, Hippery, Flippery Rip Rig And Panic
1965 USA
Albert Ayler Prophet Spirits Rejoice
1965 USA
Yesterday's New Quintet (Madlib) Free Son Yesterday's Universe
(N - compilation?)
2007 (Stones Throw) USA
Hiro Yanagida Breaking Sound-Barrier Hirocosmos 1973 Japan
John Klemmer Third Stone From The Sun (Jimi Hendrix) Chess Psychedelic Jazz & Funky Grooves (various artists compilation) rec. 1969 USA
Dick Hyman Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (James Brown) The Age Of Electronicus
1969 USA
David Axelrod Holy Thursday Songs Of Innocence
1968 USA
Babe Ruth The Mexican First Base
1973 UK
Creedence Clearwater Revival Rude Awakening #2 Pendulum
1970 USA
Popol Vuh
Einsjäger & Siebenjäger Einsjäger & Siebenjäger
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