January 30, 2008 Playlist

"Black Monk Time" by The Monks (1966)
The Monks  "Black Monk Time"  1966 (USA/Germany)
Dave Day passed away the other week.  He was the world's first rocknroll electric banjo player, and a major part of one of the 1960's most interesting (and rockin') groups.   Black Monk Time was recorded by a gang of ex-GI's in Germany and is perhaps the most radical "punk" album of that decade.  Beatlemania hit Germany particularly hard -- the "fab four" had spent their formative years playing dives in Hamburg, and developed an exciting stage show to satisfy the drunken crowds' calls to "mach Schau!" (put on a SHOW!)  So it's only natural that the "beat group" style would catch on in that country like the plague -- the demands of German audiences had been crucial in the development of the style in the first place.  So along come The Monks -- besides playing fantasticly primitive music with a thunderous beat, they shaved their heads to look like their medieval namesakes (sort of an anti-Beatle haircut) and "mached Schau" like nobody's business.  Lyrical references to nuclear war and Vietnam only made this group even more of an anomaly in their time (folkies might sing of such things, but a silly beat group?!?)  To top it all off, The Monks' ecstatic focus on rhythm and texture over melody and harmony was probably a significant influence on the "krautrock" movement of the following decade.
The Monks appeared on German TV -- here they are performing "Monk Chant""Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice", and the irresistably stupid "Oh How To Do Now".  And here are three of the Monks (including the late Dave Day) playing an updated verion of their anthem "Monk Time" in 2006!
Plus, here's two more classic 60's video clips from groups played on this week's program:  Nazz "Open My Eyes" and The Count Five "Psychotic Reaction"

(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
Jefferson Airplane 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds Surrealistic Pillow 1967 USA
The Velvet Underground Run Run Run The Velvet Underground & Nico 1967 USA
The Who Run Run Run  Magic Bus 1968 UK
Les Fleur De Lys Circles (The Who) Nuggets Vol. II
(Various artists box set)
rec. 1966 UK
The Creation Can I Join Your Band? Biff Bang Pow!  The Complete Collection Vol. 2 CD rec. 1967 UK
The Other Half (Randy Holden) I Need You Mr. Pharmacist 1968 USA
The Slaves Slaves Time Nuggets Vol. II
(Various artists box set)
rec. 1966 Austria
The Monks Monk Time Black Monk Time
1966 USA/Germany
The Monks I Hate You Black Monk Time
1966 USA/Germany
The Monks Drunken Maria Black Monk Time
1966 USA/Germany
The Swinging Medallions Double Shot Of My Baby's Love A-side 7" single 1966 USA
The Balloon Farm Hurtin' For Your Love B-side 7" single 1967 USA
The Count Five They're Gonna Get You Psychotic Reaction 1967 USA
The Litter On Our Minds Emerge 1969 USA
The Endless Pulse Nowhere Chick A-side 7" single
(Only In America various artists CD)
1968 USA
The Bubble Puppy Beginnings A Gathering Of Promises 1969 USA
The Deviants First Line (Seven The Row) #3 1969 UK
Chrome (R) Slip It To The Android Alien Soundtracks 1978 USA
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Zig Zag Wanderer Safe As Milk
1967 USA
Bent Wind Sacred Cows Sussex 1969 Canada
The Haunted Horror Show The Haunted 1967 Canada
13th Floor Elevators Thru The Rhythm The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators 1966 USA
The Seeds Just Let Go A Web Of Sound 1967 USA
Red Crayola Pink Stainless Tail The Parable Of Arable Land 1967 USA
Yoo Doo Right Monster Movie
Groundhogs Cherry Red Split 1971 UK
Dark Lady In Trance
The Nazz (Todd Rundgren) Open My Eyes Nazz 1968 USA
The American Breed Step Out Of Your Mind American Breed (also A-side 7" single) 1967 USA
The Byrds Mind Gardens Younger Than Yesterday 1967 USA
Silver Apples Confusion Contact 1969 USA
Napoleon XIV The Place Where The Nuts Hunt The Squirels They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! 1966 USA
Attila (Billy Joel) Brain Invasion Attila 1970 USA
Eric Burdon & The Animals A Girl Named Sandoz B-side 7" single 1967 UK
The Tradewinds Mind Excursion A-side 7" single 1966 USA
Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Black Mystery Has Been Revealed / Expansions Left & Right
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