February 6, 2008 Playlist

"Friends" Special

"Pig Lib" by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (2003)
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks  "Pig Lib"  2003 (USA)
When this album came out almost 5 years ago, I came to the conclusion that -- as great a band as Pavement was -- their endearingly sloppy musicianship was preventing main singer/songwriter and lead guitarist Stephen Malkmus from reaching his true potential.  My first clue was when I saw Pavement live on one of their last tours -- I had always assumed the guitarist with the cool name ("Spiral Stairs") played all of the amazing guitar licks on their records, but quickly discovered that it was all Malkmus.  (And he tended to play with his back to the audience, and hardly looked at his bandmates -- you could kinda tell the end was near.)  As a solo artist, Malkmus' records with backup band The Jicks feature the same surreal slacker anthems that made Pavement famous, but infinitely tighter and more complex musical arrangements embroidered with his virtuoso guitar noodlings -- why, it's practically "prog rock"!  His next album Face The Truth was also pretty great (# 3 on the Kosmik Radiation Top 10 Albums of 2005), though I'm more lukewarm on his self-titled solo debut from 2001.  The next Jicks album Real Emotional Trash is due out in March 2008 -- I can hardly wait!  (*** UPDATE:  the Jicks' new drummer is Janet Weiss (Quasi, ex-Sleater-Kinney), one of the best rock drummers around today!!!  Double cool!)
For your weekly visual stimulation, here's the video for "Dark Wave" from this album.  Plus here's Malkmus with Pavement in the video for "Stereo", and here's Pavement rockin' the cowbell on "Silence Kit" (aka "Silent Kid") live in 1994.
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Tiny Masters of Today Radio Riot 7" single (N) 2007 (Mute/Great Society) USA
Your Scene Is Sad The Only Way Out 2005 USA
Anton Maiden Can I Play With Madness (Iron Maiden) Anton Maiden Tracks
c. 1999 Sweden
Automusik Everything Is For The Baby The Hound Dog EP 2006 USA
Me'shell Ndegéocello
The Sloganeer (Paradise) The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams (N) 2007 (Kuzcek) USA
Eat Lights; Become Lights Transmitter Receiver 7" single (N) 2007 (Enraptured) UK
Rymdfakta Motorik II myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) Sweden
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 1% of One Pig Lib
2003 USA
The Rick Ray Band There's Always A Catch Nothing To Lose (N) 2007 (Neurosis) USA
Steve Lieberman I'm Jethro Tull Madman Piper (N) 2008 (Bad'lan) USA
Blood Ceremony Children of the Future forthcoming album (N) 2008 (forthcoming) Canada
Beatallica Run For Your Life (live) myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) USA
Dennis Most & The Instigators Down On The Street (The Stooges) I'm Not Dead Yet! (N) 2007 (self release) USA
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Cursed Earth myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) UK
C'mon Feeding Off The Dirt Bottled Lightning (of an All Time High) 2006 Canada
The (Real) Romulans Billy The Monster (The Deviants) 7" single 1994 USA
The Jellybean Bandits Generation The Jellybean Bandits 1967 USA
The Misteriosos
Try Sensation Telescope (N) 2007 (Trip Tone) USA
The Society Of Rockets
Walk With Lions Our Paths Related (N) 2007 (Underpop) USA
Turn Me On Dead Man
Beatle George God Bless The Electric Freak 2005 USA
Simply Saucer
Nice Noise (live) myspace.com site 1975? Canada
Transformer Lootbag Touchdown Transformer Lootbag 2003 USA
The Suit Green Cheeks forthcoming release (N) 2008? (Sector Five) USA
National Beekeeper's Society
Look At Me myspace.com site (N) 2008? (self release) USA
Escapists Tiger Tiger (demo) myspace.com site (N) 2005? (self release) USA
Burning Idiot Noise Black House (demo) myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) UK
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Tea Time Ska Pregnant Fantasy 2005 Japan
"0204" Hintergedanken II (N) 2008 (forthcoming) USA
Black Moth Super Rainbow
One Day I Had An Extra Toe Esopus #9 (N - various artists comp) 2007 (Esopus magazine) USA
Deja Vu Break Your Arm For Evolution (N) 2008 (Alive) USA
Sugar Balloon myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) Japan
Unio and Petitio Space Finger Volbano (N) 2008 (self release) UK
Street Pyramids Spiritual Gal Symphonic Souls EP (N) 2008 (Bright As Night) USA
Wilhelmina Baker Bones Pregnant EP (N) 2007 (self release) USA
Aaron Scholz Dorothy Door Third Place (N) 2008 (forthcoming) USA
Taxi Taxi! Old Big Trees (demo) myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) Sweden
Yali Not Like You And Others Panning For Gold (N) 2007 (self release) UK
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Nothing's Cliche Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs 2006 USA
Kontakte Ghosts Of Electricity (Demo) myspace.com site (N)
2008 (self release) UK
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