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"Buffalo Springfield Again" by Buffalo Springfield (1967)
Buffalo Springfield  "Again"  1967 (USA/Canada)
Buffalo Springfield was a 60's group with tremendous promise, featuring three formidably talented front men in Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Richie Furay.  Yet they never lived up to their potential, their lone hit "For What It's Worth" (featured on the soundtrack of every movie and TV show with a cliched sixties protest flashback) putting them solidly in "one hit wonder" territory.  The most fully realized of the group's three albums was this, their second.  It is particularly notable as a landmark in Neil Young's recording career -- two of his three contributions to this album ("Expecting To Fly" and "Broken Arrow") were actually solo sessions recorded with Jack Nitzsche, who would produce his solo debut the following year.  Neil's third tune "Mr. Soul" was the group's second biggest hit, though it failed to reach the Top 40.  
Here's the band performing a medley of "For What It's Worth" and "Mr. Soul" on TV, and here's a recent clip of old Neil rocking out on a tune from his latest album, "No Hidden Path" from Chrome Dreams II.
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Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
The Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke & Sasafrass A-side 7" single 1969 USA
The Five Americans Western Union A-side 7" single 1967 USA
The Turtles Sound Asleep A-side 7" single 1968 USA
Sonny (Bono) Laugh At Me A-side 7" single 1966 USA
Eric Burdon & War Spill The Wine A-side 7" single 1970 UK/USA
Daddy Dewdrop Chick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It) A-side 7" single 1971 USA
Rufus Thomas Do The Funky Penguin - part 1 A-side 7" single 1971 USA
Eric Burdon & War Magic Mountain B-side 7" single (flipside of "Spill The Wine") 1970 UK/USA
The Carpenters Druscilla Penny B-side 7" single (flipside of "Sing") 1971 USA
Buffalo Springfield Mr. Soul (Neil Young) Buffalo Springfield Again
1967 USA/Canada
Buffalo Springfield Rock & Roll Woman (Stephen Stills & David Crosby) Buffalo Springfield Again
1967 USA/Canada
Buffalo Springfield Broken Arrow (Neil Young) Buffalo Springfield Again
1967 USA/Canada
Buffalo Springfield Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
(by Neil Young / sung by Richie Furay)
Buffalo Springfield 1966 USA/Canada
Fever Tree Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
(by Neil Young / Buffalo Springfield)
Fever Tree 1968 USA
Crosby Stills Nash & Young Carry On (Stephen Stills) Deja Vu 1970 USA/Canada
Neil Young Cocaine Eyes Eldorado EP 1989 Canada
Neil Young Buffalo Springfield Again Silver And Gold 2000 Canada
Moby Grape Murder In My Heart For The Judge Wow 1968 USA
Kak (R) Everything's Changing Kak 1969 USA
The Byrds Why (David Crosby) Younger Than Yesterday 1967 USA
The Monkees As We Go Along
(rumoured to be Neil Young on guitar)
Head (OST) 1968 USA
Love A House Is Not A Motel Forever Changes 1967 USA
Quicksilver Messenger Service Gold & Silver Quicksilver Messenger Service 1968 USA
Spirit New Dope In Town Clear 1969 USA
Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer Odour Of Decay Drain Salmon Forgery 2000 UK
Foot And Mouth Disease 94 Oliver St. myspace.com site (N) 2006? (self release) USA
o myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) Romania
AC / Dude-ski Zanax myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) USA
Roddy Von Seldeneck Totally Goth myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) USA
Whisky Tetrix 8 (N) 2007 (Odin Audio) Canada
Loop Ret@rd Disrespect To Da Discotech myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) USA
White Hills
Glitter Glamour Atrocity myspace.com site (N) 2007 (self release) USA
The Spacious Mind
Gentle Path Highway (excerpt) Gentle Path Highway (N) 2007 (Goddamn I'm A Countryman) Sweden
Dark Castle
Growing Slow Flight Of Pegasus EP (N) 2007 (self release) USA
Unimother 27
Wandering About Escape From The Ephemeral Mind (N) 2007 (Pineal Gland) Italy
Giobia Beyond The Stars Beyond The Stars 2005 Italy
Titan Improv Excerpt 2 myspace.com site (N) 2006 (self release) USA
First Band From Outer Space Mellow Yellow forthcoming album (N) 2008 (Transubstans) Sweden
Ecstasy To Frenzy First Comes The Rain (song poem cover) myspace.com site (N) 2007? (self release) USA
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