March 17, 2008 Playlist
(Subbing for "In One End" on WORT-FM Monday 2am-5am)
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Faust Krautrock Faust IV 1973 Germany
Ocrilim Anoint 2 Anoint 2005 USA
Magical Power Mako Restraint Freedom Magical Power Mako 1974 Japan
Radio Massacre International
Syd / Emissary Rain Falls In Grey (N) 2007 (Cuneiform) UK
Pink Floyd Nick's Boogie London '66 - '67 rec. 1967 UK
The Soft Machine 37 1/2 Sixth 1973 UK
Anal Magic featuring the Reverend Dwight Frizzell Fly By Night Beyond The Black Crack 1976 USA
Black Dice
Scavenger Load Blown (N) 2007 (Paw Tracks) USA
Popol Vuh Dream part 5 Affenstunde 1970 Germany
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos Na Tu Penda Sana Uganda 1972 Japan
Sun Ra Sea Of Sounds Space Is The Place 1972 USA
Sam Rivers Judgement The Quest 1976 USA
Taj Mahal Travellers The Taj Mahal Travellers Between 7:50-8:05pm July 15, 1972 1972 Japan
Curved Air Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over / Over And Out Phantasmagoria 1972 UK
Return To Forever What Games Shall We Play Today? Return To Forever 1972 USA
Forbidden Five R.F.D. Rangoon B-side single (Only In America - various artists compilation CD) 1967? USA
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
mixed with:
  Klaus Schulze
  George Harrison
Under The Mersey Wall
Electronic Music
Hampton Grease Band Lawton Music To Eat 1971 USA
Ornette Coleman Skies Of America / The Native Americans / The Good Life Skies Of America 1972 USA
The Residents The Washington Post (John Phillip Sousa) Stars & Hank Forever 1986 USA
TONTO's Expanding Headband Cybernaut Zero Time 1971 USA/UK
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