April 30, 2008 Playlist


Walpurgisnacht Eve 
"Sad Wings of Destiny" by Judas Priest (1976)
Judas Priest  "Sad Wings of Destiny"  1976 (UK)
April 30 is Walpurgisnacht (sort of a Northern European version of Hallowe'en, only in the springtime), and next week's special is "the roots of metal", so here's a spooky heavy metal classic.  Judas Priest was part of the second wave of heavy metal, debuting about 5 years after Led Zeppelin and their fellow Birminghaminites Black Sabbath, but their stylistic innovations were very influential on metal bands that followed.  Sonicly, they combined operatic vocals with rapid fire guitar riffs -- a "fast treble" sound which was the inversion of Black Sabbath's "slow bass"  style, and the black leather and smoke machines from their stage show were perhaps even more influential on the development of heavy metal's look.  It's hard to imagine groups like Iron Maiden or Slayer without the Priest influence.  My favorite of all of their albums is this record, their second, which still retains some progressive and psychedelic touches from the early 70's.
Here's Judas Priest performing "Dreamer Deceiver" on television in 1975, before they recorded it for this album (when Rob Halford still had hippie hair!)  Here they are in their iconic studs 'n' leather phase, performing the hit "Breaking The Law", and here's a recent clip of the reunited band playing another Sad Wings classic, "The Ripper".  Finally, here's a preview of the forthcoming 2008 Judas Priest "metal opera" Nostradamus, which hearkens back to their mid-70's sound!

 (N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Mars Volta
Cavalettas / Agadez The Bedlam In Goliath (N) 2008 (Universal) USA
Blue Oyster Cult Flaming Telepaths / Astronomy Secret Treaties 1974 USA
The Nice Azrael (Angel Of Death) B-side single
(bonus track on The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack CD)
1967 UK
Uriah Heep Rainbow Demon Demons & Wizards 1972 UK
Deep Purple Demon's Eye Fireball 1971 UK
Spinal Tap Stonehenge This Is Spinal Tap (orignal soundtrack) 1984 USA
Gong Witch's Song / I Am Your Pussy Flying Teapot 1973 France/
Black Sabbath A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning (Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation) Black Sabbath 1970 UK
Sleep Holy Mountain Sleep's Holy Mountain 1993 USA
Melvins Charmicarmicat Eggnog EP 1991 USA
Funkadelic Maggot Brain Maggot Brain 1971 USA
Les Rallizes Denudes Enter The Mirror Flightless Bird (Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go)
(CD compilation)
rec. 70's or 80's Japan
Metallica Jump In The Fire Kill 'Em All 1983 USA
Slayer Captor Of Sin Haunting The Chapel EP 1984 USA
Sodom Blasphemer In The Sign Of Evil EP 1984 Germany
Venom 1000 Days In Sodom Welcome To Hell 1981 UK
Body Count (Ice-T) Voodoo Body Count 1992 USA
Cypress Hill I Ain't Goin' Out Like That Black Sunday 1993 USA
Quasimoto (Madlib) Axe Puzzles The Unseen 2000 USA
Prince Paul That's Entertainment!? (Aversive Conditioning) Psychoanalysis (What Is It?) 1997 USA
Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) I Run Rap First Come, First Served 1999 USA
Judas Priest Epitaph /
   Island Of Domination
Sad Wings Of Destiny
1976 UK
Van Der Graaf Generator White Hammer The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other 1970 UK
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