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"Rush" by Rush (1973)
Rush  "Rush"  1973 (Canada)
Rush is another band that doesn't quite belong to the heavy metal genre, but what else would you call a group with roots as a Zeppelin-inspired power trio in the early 70's.  When they added synths and astrophysics to their sound in the later 70's, they became Canada's most globally popular group.  However my favorite Rush albums are their first two, simply because these are their least "philosophical" and also feature the most ass-kicking riffs.  
Here's the band in 1975 playing a tune from their first album,  "Finding My Way". And here they are playing the title track from their second album, "Fly By Night", and here's yet another heavy Rush classic from the early days, the Ayn Rand-inspired "Anthem".  Finally, here they are decades later playing one of their big hits "Spirit of Radio" in front of a gynormous stadium full of fans.
 (N) = New Release
 (R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Vanilla Fudge Season of the Witch (Donovan) Renaissance 1968 USA
Atomic Rooster (R) Time Take My Life Made in England 1972 UK
Queen The March of the Black Queen Queen II 1974 UK
Rush Working Man Rush
1973 Canada
KISS Cold Gin KISS 1973 USA
Black Oak Arkansas Full Moon Ride If An Angel Came To See You, Would You Make Her Feel At Home? 1972 USA
Judas Priest Dying to Meet You Rocka Rolla 1974 UK
Blue Oyster Cult (R) O.D.'d On Life Itself Tyranny and Mutation 1973 USA
Highway Robbery Fifteen For Love Or Money 1972 USA
The Osmonds Hold Her Tight Crazy Horses 1972 USA
Grand Theft Return of the Meat Midgets Grand Theft 1972 USA
Gedo Track 6 (title in Japanese) Best Gedo c. 1975 Japan
Blues Creation Nightmare (live) Blues Creation Live 1971 Japan
The Groundhogs Split - part 2 Split 1971 UK
Epitaph Tequila Shuffle Ouside the Law 1974 Germany
For Horsemen Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (N) 2007 (Oglio) USA
Tapes 'n Tapes Blunt Walk It Off (N) 2008 (Beggars XL) USA
Zebras Me U and God Parasitic Clones Under The Strong Arm Of The Robot Machine EP (N) 2008 (forthcoming on Secret Records) USA
Vampire Hands
Cool Bath Me And You Cherry Red (N) 2008 (Peppermint Coffins) USA
These Are Powers Chipping Ice Taro Tarot EP (N) 2008 (Hoss/Deleted Art) USA
Heat From A DeadStar The Lighthouse The Lighthouse EP (N) 2007 (Hot Headed) UK
The Bellrays Infection Hard Sweet & Sticky (N) 2008 (Anodyne) USA
Dead Meadow Hard People / Hard Times Old Growth (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
Banana Slidewhistle
Coming To Take You Away Banana Slidewhistle (N) 2008 (self release) USA
Earthling Society
Valerie A Tyden Divu Beauty & The Beast (N) 2008 (4Zero) UK
Unio and Petitio Manbitch Cheers Fanx Ta (N) 2008 (self release) UK
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Hopscotch Willie Real Emotional Trash (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
Die! Die! Die!
Sideways, Here We Come Promises, Promises (N) 2008 (SAF) New Zealand
The Breeders
Istanbul Mountain Battles (N) 2008 (4AD) USA 
The Black Keys 
Psychotic Girl Attack & Release(N) 2008 (Nonesuch) USA
The Dirtbombs
Le Fin du Monde We Have You Surrounded (N) 2008 (In The Red) USA
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