June 25, 2008 Playlist


"Live At Leeds" by The Who (1970)
The Who  "Live At Leeds"  1970 (UK)
The Who's 1970 live album is considered by many to be among the finest live rock albums of all time, and also one of The Who's most thrilling records.  The group certainly made plenty of outstanding recordings, but it was on the concert stage that they were truly unrivaled.  Though they jammed as much as the Grateful Dead, The Who did so with incredible percision and drama, and never sank into dull noodling or epic drum solos.  The telepathic interplay between the three instrumentalists in the band has probably never been equaled.
Here's the famous TV appearance where they played "My Generation" on the Smothers Brothers show, and Keith permanently damaged Pete's hearing by loading too many explosives into his drum kit!  Here's a documentary clip with Pete Townshend interviews & the "Underture" from Tommy played at Woodstock.  And here's a classic blues cover they often performed live (but never recorded in the studio), "Young Man Blues".
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I-V)
   / Welcome To The Machine
Wish You Were Here 1975 UK
Emerson Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - Third Impression Brain Salad Surgery 1973 UK
Steppenwolf Hey Lawdy Mama
   / Magic Carpet Ride 
Steppenwolf Live 1970 USA
Grand Funk Railroad Mark Say's Alright
   / T.N.U.C. (live)
Grand Funk Live Album rec. 1970 USA
The Who My Generation (Medley) (live) Live At Leeds
1970 UK
The Soft Machine Moon In June Third 1970 UK
Taj Mahal Travellers The Taj Mahal Travellers Between 6:20pm and 6:46pm July 15, 1972 1972 Japan
Alan Price Poor People O Lucky Man! (OST) 1973 UK
Blood Sweat & Tears Blues - Part II Blood Sweat & Tears 1969 USA
Herbie Mann (with Larry Coryell, Roy Ayers & Sonny Sharrock) Hold On, I'm Comin' (Sam & Dave) Memphis Underground 1969 USA
Miles Davis Duran Directions (outtake compilation LP) rec. 1970 USA
Various Artists
Spanish Key (Miles Davis) Miles From India (N) 2008 (Times Square) USA/India
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