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"Made In Germany" by Amon Düül II (1975)
Amon Düül II  "Made In Germany"  1975 (Germany)
Amon Düül II is a well known "krautrock" band, and were in fact one of the most globally popular West German groups of the 1970's.  But this double album from late in their career is often overlooked in favor of their early freaky records like Phallus Dei (1969) and Yeti (1970) or trance-y prog-y records like Wolf City (1972).  Perhaps this is partly due to the "controversial" nature of this album, which caused the record to be trimmed down to a single LP for some markets (the Hitler jokes are probably what did it.)  For this album is nothing less than a psychedelic pop meditation on the history of "Germany" -- tales of Kaisers and mad kings, emigration to America, Weimar era decadence, and LSD-drenched hippie communes bump up against references to culture heroes from Strauss and Wagner to Fritz Lang and Stockhausen.  The group's two quirky lead vocalists Renate Knaup (the sword-wielding Valkyrie on the LP cover) and Chris Karrer never sounded better, and the band never cooked up a catchier batch of tunes.
Here's a live clip from around the time of this album featuring Renate: "Surrounded By The Stars".  And here's the band back in 1971 performing their classic "Soap Shop Rock".  Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi used the AD2 song "Deutsch Nepal" in his 1977 movie Wizards (though the German lyrics are actually much more ironic and humorous than Bakshi's grim visualization.)  The group still play gigs occasionally, here's the psychedelic classic "Green Bubble Raincoated Man" live in 2004!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Human Instinct Rainbow World Pins In It 1971 New Zealand
The Helpful Soul Crossroads (Robert Johnson / Cream) First Album 1969 Japan
The Groundhogs You Had A Lesson Hogwash 1972 UK
Hot Tuna Serpent of Fire America's Choice 1975 USA
Dzyan Electric Silence Electric Silence 1975 Germany
Amon Düül II Wilhelm Wilhelm /
   Ludwig /
   Loosey Girls
Made In Germany
1975 Germany
Kraftwerk Europe Endless Trans-Europe Express 1977 Germany
The Soft Machine I Should've Known Jet-Propelled Photographs rec. 1967 UK
Egg Enneagram The Civil Surface 1974 UK
Caravan Be Alright / Chance of a Lifetime For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night 1973 UK
Gong I Never Glid Before Angel's Egg 1973 France/UK
Sonic Youth Anagrama Anagrama EP (SYR 1) 1997 USA
Yoko Ono O' Wind (Body is the Scar of Your Mind) Fly 1971 Japan
Unimother 27
Fragments of You Grin (N) 2008 (Pineal Gland) Italy
Earthling Society
Candlemass Beauty & The Beast (N) 2008 (4Zero) UK
Ultimate Spinach Baroque #1 Ultimate Spinach 1968 USA
Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 Monkey Banana Zombie 1976 Nigeria
Stereolab Blue Milk Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night 1999 UK
Young Flowers April '68 Blomsterpistolen 1968 Denmark
The Incredible String Band White Bird Changing Horses 1969 UK
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