August 6, 2008 Playlist

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"Slightly Latin" by Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1965)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  "Slightly Latin"  1965 (USA)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk was a uniquely talented musician.  Blind from an early age, he had a dream about playing three horns at once, so he learned how to do it and thus became a one-man horn section!  Besides virtuouso skills on all manner of reed instruments, Rahsaan was also one of the great jazz flautists of all time (in fact Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson basically ripped off Kirk's manic overblowing style.)  One of his most interesting records is this gem from 1965, which is probably overlooked because it strays so far from the norms of jazz LP's of that era.  Rol plays Lennon-McCartney and Bacharach-David tunes, in a pseudo-latin, sorta-exotica style that makes for a unique pop / soul sort of album, but with avant garde modern jazz overtones!  (And yes, this week's CAOTW is pretty much an afterthought -- most of the great albums being played on this week's Beatles-themed special have already been Albums of the Week!)
There are a number of great clips of RRK live at Montreaux in 1972, such as "Volunteered Slavery".  Here's another one where he shows of his multi-instrumental chops (playing about six things at once!): "Three For The Festival" live in 1966.  Finally, "Pedal Up" features only two horns at a time and comes from 1975 (he's being introduced at the Downbeat Awards by Quincy Jones.)
(L) = Live in-studio performances by "The Threetles" (Aaron Scholz, Pete Selbo & Dave 3000)
Artist Song Album Year Country
Tomorrow Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles) Tomorrow 1968 UK
Spooky Tooth I Am The Walrus (Beatles) The Last Puff 1970 UK
Yes Every Little Thing (Beatles) Yes 1969 UK
Randy California Rain (Beatles) Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds 1972 USA
The Breeders Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Beatles) Pod 1990 USA
Firewater Hey Bulldog (Beatles) Songs We Should Have Written 2004 USA
The Fourmost  I'm In Love (by Lennon & McCartney) A-side 7" single 1963 UK
Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Bad To Me (by Lennon & McCartney) A-side 7" single 1963 UK
Fred Lennon
(John's father)
That's My Life A-side 7" single 1965 UK
Shonen Knife & Redd Kross The Luck Of The Irish (by Lennon & Ono) 712 1991 Japan/USA
"Hurricane" Smith
(The Beatles' engineer Norman Smith)
Don't Let It Die A-side 7" single
also on the American Hurricane Smith LP
1971 UK
Mike McGear 
(Paul's brother)
The Man Who Saw God On The Moon McGear 1974 UK
Elephant's Memory
(with John & Yoko & David Peel)
Power Boogie / Local Plastic Ono Band Elephant's Memory (Apple records) 1972 USA
The Elastic Oz Band
(with John & Yoko)
Do The Oz B-side 7" single (Apple records) 1971 UK
Brute Force
(produced by George Harrison)
The King Of Fuh A-side 7" single (Apple records) 1969 USA
David Peel & The Lower East Side
(produced by John & Yoko)
F Is Not A Dirty Word The Pope Smokes Dope (Apple records) 1972 USA
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
(produced by Paul McCartney)
I'm The Urban Spaceman A-side 7" single 1968 UK
The Beach Boys
(chewing sounds by Paul McCartney)
Vegetables Smiley Smile 1967 USA
Steve Miller Band
(Paul McCartney on bass, drums & backup vocals)
My Dark Hour Brave New World 1969 USA

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (Beatles)
Magical Mystery Tour
Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (Beatles)
Norwegian Wood (Beatles)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk And I Love Her (Beatles) Slightly Latin
1965 USA
Rafi & Asha "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (Beatles) The Groovy Beatles Covers (various artists) 1960's? India
The Pink Fairies I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles) What A Bunch Of Sweeties
1972 UK

Wild Honey Pie (Beatles)
No Reply
Run For Your Life (Beatles)
One After 909 (Beatles)
I'm Down (Beatles)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
with Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Scumbag (live) Some Time In New York City
1972 UK/Japan
Beatallica Leper Madonna (Beatles vs. Metallica) Beatallica (The Black Album)
2004 USA
Amon Duul Yea Yea Yea (Zerbeatelt) Disaster
rec. 1969 Germany
Peter Sellers
(produced by George Martin)
She Loves You (Beatles) A-side 7" single
rec. 1965, rel. 1981 UK
The Beatles Sie Liebt Dich
("She Loves You" in German)
rec. 1963 UK
Peter Sellers
(produced by George Martin)
Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles) A Hard Day's Night EP
rec. 1965, rel. 1993 UK
The Beatles What's The New Mary Jane?
Anthology 3
rec. 1968, rel. 1996 UK
William Shatner Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Beatles) The Transformed Man
1968 Canada
Sonic Youth Within You, Without You (Beatles) Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father (various artists)
1988 USA
Bongwater Love You To (Beatles) Double Bummer
1988 USA
Nilsson You Can't Do That (Beatles) Pandemonium Shadow Show
1967 USA
The Free Design Eleanor Rigby (Beatles) You Could Be Born Again
1968 USA
Dillard & Clark Don't Let Me Down (Beatles) Though The Morning, Through The Night
1969 USA

With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)
Sparks I Want To Hold Your Hand (Beatles) A-side 7" single (Big Beat CD bonus track)
1976 USA
Jeff Beck
(produced by George Martin)
A Day In The Life (Beatles) In My Life (various artists)
1998 UK
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