August 27, 2008 Playlist

"Locust Abortion Technician" by Butthole Surfers (1987)
Butthole Surfers  "Locust Abortion Technician"  1987 (USA)
Next week's "thematic special program" will feature "psychedelic punk rock", so for this week's CAOTW I give you my nomination for "the most psychedelic punk record of all time"(whereas next week we will feature "the punkest psychedelic record of all time!")  The Butthole Surfers from Austin, Texas were perhaps the foulest and most obnoxious group to come out of the 80's American "indie" scene.  Like most groups from that scene, the Buttholes started off as a "hardcore" punk band, though they always had an unusual appetite for psychedelic drugs and general mayhem.  The British music press coined a delightful term for their sort of obnoxious racket combined with disgusting lyrics: "pigfucker rock" (charming, huh?  In retrospect maybe "grunge rock" wasn't such an awful label after all!)
Here's a video clip which captures the live 1980's Butthole insanity.  And here's a clip of their fellow Texans, Scratch Acid, featuring the vocals of dirty David Yow (later of The Jesus Lizard and now Qui.)  Some other artists that might  also be included under the "pigfucker" label include The Cows from Minneapolis and Steve Albini's notorious Big Black from Chicago.
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Rolling Stones
(with John & Paul from the Beatles)
We Love You A-side 7" single (More Hot Rocks: Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) 1967 UK
Amon Düül II Race From Here To Your Ears:  Little Tornadoes (live) Live In London 1973 Germany
Hawkwind Born To Go (live) B-side 7" single (X In Search Of Space CD bonus track) 1972 UK
Chrome Mondo Anthem Half Machine Lip Moves 1979 USA
Nektar It's All In The Mind -->
   Burn Out My Eyes -->
   Void Of Vision
Journey To The Centre Of The Eye 1971 UK/Germany
Syd Barrett Late Night The Madcap Laughs 1970 UK
Judas Priest
(Rob Halford was 57 on Aug 25)
Nostradamus Nostradamus (N) 2008 (Sony/Epic) UK
(Gene Simmons was 59 on Aug 25)
Parasite Hotter Than Hell 1974 USA
The Who
(Keith Moon would have been 62 on Aug 23)
Young Man Blues (live - Mose Allison) Live At Leeds 1970 UK
The Thousand Names Of God Motörizer (N) 2008 (Steamhammer/SPV) UK
Knuckel Drager
Zombie Claw You Do Better!! (N) 2008 (Mad Fabricators) USA
Butthole Surfers Sweat Loaf (Black Sabbath cover, sort of) Locust Abortion Technician
1987 USA
The Damned White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) A-side 7" single (Machine Gun Etiquette CD bonus track) 1980 UK
Hüsker Dü Eight Miles High (The Byrds) A-side 7" single 1984 USA
The Feelies Real Cool Time (The Stooges) Time For A Witness 1991 USA
Royal Trux Law Man (Jefferson Airplane) Singles, Live, Unreleased (CD compilation) rec. 1992 USA
The Clash Silicone On Sapphire Sandinista! 1980 UK
Gary Numan Telekon Telekon 1980 UK
Kraftwerk It's More Fun To Compute Computer World 1981 Germany
XTC The Meeting Place Skylarking 1986 UK
Talking Heads Moon Rocks Speaking In Tongues 1983 USA
Beastie Boys Lighten Up /
   Finger Lickin' Good
Check Your Head 1992 USA
Sonny & Linda Sharrock
(Sonny would have been 68 today)
Apollo Paradise 1975 USA
Free Kitten
(Kim Gordon, Julie Cafritz, Yoshimi)
Free Kitten On The Mountain Inherit (N) 2008 (Ecstatic Peace) USA/Japan
Prasanna 9th Stone From The Sun Electric Ganesha Land (N) 2008 (Susila) India/USA
Augustus Pablo
Drums To The King The Mystic World of Augustus Pablo: The Rockers Story (N - box set compilation) rec. 1990
(2008 Shanachie)
Matmos Supreme Balloon Supreme Balloon (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
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