October 7, 2008 Playlist

The Global Psych Special
"Faust IV" by Faust (1973)
Faust  "Faust IV"  1973 (Germany)
The thematic special for this month features "global psych", in other words heavy underground sounds from the non-English speaking world.  Und so naturlich, that means there is a lot of German "krautrock" on the show this week.  One of the greatest of the krautrock groups was Faust, who led the charge in reclaiming the term "krautrock" by naming the leadoff song on their 4th album exactly that (the label was originally coined by the British press and wasn't intended as a compliment.)  Faust is simply one of the greatest "avant garde rock" bands there ever was from any country -- they managed to split the difference between Frank Zappa's classical and jazz influences and the Velvet Underground's tribal feedback grooves, while always maintaining their own decidedly European identity.
For this week's video stimulaton, here's Faust performing their classic tune "Krautrock" from this album live in Italy in 2007.  For further krautrock grooves, here's rare footage of the legendary NEU! performing "Hero", and here's a clip of Kraftwerk performing the non-album jam "Truckstop Gondelero", featuring the short-lived trio line up of the band (Ralf Hutter quit briefly and Florian Schneider was joined by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, the main dudes from NEU!)  And here's one of the hardest-rocking bands ever to come out of Germany -- the glam caveman power trio Tiger B. Smith play "Tiger Rock"!  But perhaps the most globally popular group of the classic rock era to come from a non-English speaking country (at least in the days before ABBA) was The Shocking Blue from Holland, who scored a worldwide smash with "Venus".
(N) = New Release
Artist (guitarists) Song Album Year Country
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kah Black Magic Woman (Fleetwood Mac / Santana) Re-Covers 2005 Tuva (Siberia)
The Human Instinct You Really Got Me (The Kinks) Burning Up Years
1969 New Zealand
Gedo Track 4 (title in Japanese) Best Gedo rec. 1975 Japan
Focus Hocus Pocus
(Faster, shorter version recorded for US single)
Dutch Masters (compilation) rec. 1973 Netherlands
Can Mother Sky Soundtracks 1970 Germany
Faust Jennifer Faust IV
1973 Germany
Chico Magnetic Band My Sorrow Chico Magnetic Band 1970 Algeria/France
Les Variations But It's Alright Nador 1970 France
Les Yper Sound (Pierre Henry) Psyche Rock A-side 7" single (Pierre Henry - Messe Pour Le Temps Present CD) 1967 France
Magma Klaus Kombalad B-side 7" single (Simples CD) 1971 France
Shocking Blue The Butterfly And I At Home 1969 Netherlands
Os Mutantes Caminhante Noturno Mutantes 1969 Brazil
Dungen Ingenting Är Sig Likt 4 (N)
2008 (Kemado) Sweden
Picchio Dal Pozzo La Floracultura Di Tschincinnata Picchio Dal Pozzo 1976 Italy
Exuma Exuma, The Obeah Man Exuma 1970 Bahamas
Magical Power Mako The Story Of Our Master Jump 1977 Japan
Yoko Ono Why Plastic Ono Band 1970 Japan
Socrates Drank The Conium Lovesick Kid's Blues On The Wings 1973 Greece
Tiger B. Smith Tiger Rock Tiger Rock 1972 Germany
Hairy Chapter Looking For A Decent Freedom Eyes 1970 Germany
Speed Glue & Shinki Ode To The Bad People Eve 1971 Japan
Magnetic Sounds Super Erotica Super Erotica 1970 Brazil
Aguaturbia Erotica Psychedelic Drugstore 1970 Chile
Man Erotica Revelation 1969 UK (Wales)
Aphrodite's Child "infinity" 666 1972 Greece
Gong Est-ce Que Je Suis (Garçon ou Fille) A-side 7" single 1970 France
Amon Düül II Kronwinkl 12 Carnival In Babylon 1972 Germany
Senor Coconut Home Computer (Kraftwerk) El Baile Aleman 2000 Germany/Chile
Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator Computer World 1981 Germany
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