October 28, 2008 Playlist

"An Electric Storm" by White Noise 1969
White Noise  "An Electric Storm"  1969 (UK/USA)
This album is a cornerstone in the development of electronic pop music, created by two renegades from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Delia Derbyshire, who composed the original theme music for Dr. Who, and Brian Hodgson) along with American electronic music dude David Vorhaus.  Side one of this album is labeled "Phase In" and consists of five ground-breaking examples of psychedelic 60's pop spun through a blender of (what were then) cutting-edge electronic doodads.  Side two is "Phase Out" of course, and is comprised of two epic "electric storms" of mind melting  synthesized sounds.  This is the kind of album where it's very easy to fall back on music critic cliches like "groundbreaking", "futuristic" and "utterly unique", but that's because this album is all of those things!  A must-hear for fans of oddball sixties records and truly original sounds.
There doesn't seem to be any video of White Noise around, but Delia Derbyshire's "Dr. Who Theme" is a classic example of early "pure" electronic pop music, where all the sounds are synthesized and nothing is played on a traditional musical instrument.  Next, here's Delia herself in the 1960's explaining how to make electronic music, and here's a Delia Derbyshire radio interview from 1997 and here's a TV documentary on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop featuring more about Delia and her compatriots.  Finally, if you thought Daft Punk was the first French electro-disco group to wear space helmets, you're wrong!  Check out "Magic Fly" by Space!
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
Body Language Body Language (N) 2008 (Drag City) Israel
Danny Ben-Israel After All The Fun Bullshit 3 1/4 1970 Israel
Pavement In The Mouth A Desert Slanted & Enchanted
1992 USA
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Elmo Delmo Real Emotional Trash (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
White Noise My Game Of Loving An Electric Storm
1969 UK/USA
White Noise Here Come The Fleas An Electric Storm
1969 UK/USA
Gil Trythall Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) Country Moog - Switched On Nashville
1970 USA
Space Magic Fly Magic Fly
1977 France
Phil Allen Woodstock (Joni Mitchell / CSNY) The Happy Hammond Goes Pop
1971 UK?
Martin Denny (R) Singing Bamboos Exotica II
1958 USA
James Last Here Comes The Sun (Beatles) Beachparty 2
1971 Germany
Bull Feelin' Pretty Good This Is Bull
1970 USA
Steppenwolf Jupiter Child At Your Birthday Party
1969 USA
Argent Cast Your Spell Uranus Ring Of Hands
1971 UK
String Driven Thing The Machine That Cried The Machine That Cried
1973 UK (Scotland)
Horslips 1st Movement - Geantrai (excerpt):
   IV. The Rocks Remain
   V. Dusk
   VI. Sword of Light
   VII. Dark
The Book Of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony
1976 Ireland
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes Prodigal Man (live) Historia De La Musica Rock #51
(Spanish repackaging of Survival Of The Fittest: Live LP)

1971 USA
Rainbow Still I'm Sad (Yardbirds) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
1975 UK
(Alan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, John Wetton & Eddie Jobson)
Alaska / Killing Time U.K.
1978 UK
Diga Rhythm Band (Mickey Hart) Sweet Sixteen Diga
1976 USA
Jamming With Edward
(Ry Cooder, Nicky Hopkins, Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts)
Highland Fling (trad.) Jamming With Edward
1972 UK/USA
Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group Barabajagal Barabajagal
1969 UK (Scotland)
The Nice (Keith Emerson) America (Leonard Bernstein) Historia De La Musica Rock #25
(Spanish compilation LP)
rec. 1968 UK
Rev. Malcolm Boyd with Charlie Byrd Blacks And Whites Make Me Angry, Lord Are You Running With Me, Jesus?
1965 USA
Quincy Jones (with Little Richard & Roberta Flack) Brooks' 50 Cent Tour (Main Title Collage) Dollar (original soundtrack)
1972 USA
Donna Summer Whispering Waves Love To Love You Baby
1975 USA
Crosby Stills & Nash Just A Song Before I Go CSN
1977 USA/UK
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