November 18, 2008 Playlist


The Guess Who "American Woman" (1970)
The Guess Who  "American Woman"  1970 (Canada)
Supposedly, in 1970 The Guess Who was the top selling band in the world -- selling even more records than the Beatles (who broke up that year) and Led Zeppelin (who hadn't quite reached their highest heights yet.)  That year they landed five singles in the US top 40 (and even more in Canada), and had two best selling albums.  The most massive hit, for which they will forever be remembered, was "American Woman" of course, also the title track to the first record they released that year and their final LP with the legendary quartet lineup led by singer/pianist Burton Cummings and guitar wizard Randy Bachman.  Although not as respected as their countryman Neil Young (or even the Toronto power trio Rush), it was The Guess Who that originally put Canada on the rock 'n' roll map.
For your Canadian video stimulation this week, here's a rare early clip of The Guess Who before they made it in America, covering a Buffalo Springfield song by their fellow Winnepegian Neil Young, "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong".  And here's the first of their string of big hit singles from the late 60's and early 70's,  "These Eyes".  After Randy Bachman left in 1970, the group continued to score hits for awhile under the leadership of Burton Cummings, such as "Share The Land".  And here's a later flop single from the 1970's, the topical song "Guns Guns Guns" (performed solo by Burton Cummings in 1978 after the band broke up.)  The classic quartet lineup of Cummings, Bachman, Kale & Peterson has reunited periodically over the years -- here's a clip of "No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature" from the 1980's.  And finally, here's part of a CBC documentary on Canada's greatest band that focuses on the group's rise to the top in the late 1960's.
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year Country
Brightblack Morning Light Introduction / Hologram Buffalo Motion To Rejoin (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
Mogwai The Sun Smells Too Loud The Hawk Is Howling (N) 2008 (Matador) UK (Scotland)
Fujiya & Miyagi Hundreds & Thousands Lightbulbs (N) 2008 (Deaf Dumb & Blind) UK
Dungen Mina Damer Och Fasaner / Samtidigt 2 4 (N)
2008 (Kemado) Sweden
Wolf Parade The Grey Estates At Mount Zoomer (N) 2008 (Sub Pop) Canada (Quebec)
Of Montreal And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow / Plastis Wafer Skeletal Lamping (N) 2008 (Polyvinyl) USA
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Out Of Reaches Real Emotional Trash (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
TK Webb & The Visions Dreen Drone Death Ancestor (N) 2008 (Kemado) USA
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) Hairy Candy Fucked Up Friends (N) 2008 (Anticon) USA
Deerhoof Numina O Offend Maggie (N) 2008 (Kill Rock Stars) USA
Trin-Tran Popped Off! Grows A Rose (N) 2007 (Animalman) USA
The Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat / Single Again / Two Fat Feet (live) Remember (N)
2008 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Zach Hill Keep Calm And Carry On Astrological Straits (N) 2008 (Ipecac) USA
Duchess Says A Century Old Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs (N) 2008 (Alien8) Canada (Quebec)
Martin Rev Phaetone Les Nymphes (N) 2008 (File 13) USA
High Places A Field Guide High Places (N) 2008 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Curumin Fu Manchu Japan Pop Show (N) 2008 (Quannum Projects) Brazil
Pale Young Gentlemen Coal-Ivory Black Forest (Tra La La) (N) 2008 (Science of Sound) USA
Jay Reatard See Saw Matador Singles '08 (N) 2008 (Matador) USA
Sleeping In The Aviary Ladybug Death Song Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel (N) 2008 (Science of Sound) USA
Little Teeth Between My Ears Child Bearing Man (N) 2008 (Absolutely Kosher) USA
Big Block 454 Motorcyle Au Pair Boy Bratislava (N) 2008 (self release) UK
Electric Jellyfish Mr. Innocent Gun The Woods EP (N) 2008 (Ecstatic Yod) Australia
Metallica The Judas Kiss Death Magnetic (N) 2008 (Warner Bros) USA
The Guess Who No Time American Woman
1970 Canada
The Guess Who No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature American Woman
1970 Canada
The Guess Who When Friends Fall Out American Woman
1970 Canada
The Guess Who The Answer The Way They Were rec. 1970, rel. 1976 Canada
Neil Young & Crazy Horse with Willie Nelson Roll Another Number (live) Live at Willie's 60th birthday party
rec. 1993 Canada/USA
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