December 10, 2008 Playlist

"A Web Of Sound" by The Seeds (1967)
The Seeds  "A Web Of Sound"  1967 (USA)
The Seeds were one of the first wave of "garage rock" (or as they were sometimes called at the time "punk") bands.  Leader Sky Saxon borrowed liberally from the Mick Jagger school of bad boyism, specializing in mildly lascivious songs about the opposite gender and drug entendres.  Their second album A Web Of Sound was their highpoint, building on the primitive fuzz grooves of their debut without (yet) falling into hippie-dippie flower power (which would happen on their third album Future.)  Most notable on this record is the 14 minute track "Up In Her Room" which seems like the missing link between "Gloria" and "Sister Ray."
For this week's video stimulation, here are The Seeds performing their lone Top 40 hit single "Pushin' Too Hard" (on a cheesy 60's sit com!)  And here's their second-biggest hit, "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" (recently featured in an annoying TV commercial.)  And here they are performing the classic flop single from their second album, "Mr. Farmer".   Finally, here's a video for another song from this record which uses clips from the psychedelic Peter Fonda movie The Trip "Tripmaker".
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Doors The Soft Parade The Soft Parade 1969 USA
Yes Tempus Fugit Drama
1980 UK
Patrick Gleeson Death Star (John Williams) Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars
1977 USA
Electric Tommy Sparks (The Who) Electric Tommy 1975 USA
Emerson Lake & Palmer Benny The Bouncer Brain Salad Surgery
1973 UK
Captain Beyond (R) Armworth / Myopic Void Captain Beyond 1972 USA/UK
Styx Jonas Psalter The Serpent Is Rising 1974 USA
Starcastle To The Fire Wind / Nova Starcastle 1976 USA
Ram The Mother's Day Song Where? (In Conclusion) 1972 USA
Van der Graaf Generator (We Are) Not Here Trisector (N) 2008 (Virgin) UK
David Byrne & Brian Eno Strange Overtones Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (N) 2008 (Todo Mundo) USA/UK
Temple Hedz Rise And Fall Rise And Fall EP (N) 2008 (New Division) UK
Lunar Dunes Loophole From Above 2007 UK
Stereolab Fractal Dream Of A Thing Chemical Chords (N) 2008 (4AD) UK/France
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) Truck Sweat Fucked Up Friends (N) 2008 (Anticon) USA
The Upsidedown Black Rainbow Human Destination (N)
2008 (Beat The World) USA
Dungen Samtidigt 1 4 (N)
2008 (Kemado) Sweden
Red Plastic Buddha Rollercoaster Sunflower Sessions (N) 2007 (Spade Kitty) USA
Darker My Love Blue Day 2 (N)
2008 (Dangerbird) USA
Wire All Fours Object 47 (N) 2008 (Pink Flag / Revolver) UK
Neil Young (R) Little Wing Hawks & Doves 1980 Canada
The Seeds Up In Her Room A Web Of Sound
1967 USA
Miles Davis Rated X Get Up With It rec. 1972 USA
Bill Evans (with the George Russell Orchestra) Living Time - Event V Living Time 1972 USA
Mahavishnu Orchestra Vision Is A Naked Sword Apocalypse 1974 UK/USA/France
Dreams (Brecker brothers, Billy Cobham, John Abercrombie) Try Me Dreams 1970 USA
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