December 17, 2008 Playlist

"Godz 2" by The Godz (1967)
The Godz  "Godz 2"  1967 (USA)
The Godz are another group which owes a lot of their latter-day notoriety to Lester Bangs.  Somewhat like an even cruder and more obscure version of The Fugs, who were also on the avant-garde ESP record label (which mainly put out jazz and "esperanto" albums), The Godz represented the most underground freakery of Greenwich Village, NYC in the sixties.  I had never heard of them until reading Lester's anthologized article about this incredibly strange group, and though Bangs waxes most enthusiastic about their ultra-primitive debut album Contact High Wit Da Godz, a lot of people (myself included) think the second Godz album is the one where they created a truly interesting and original sound.  Their atonal semi-acoustic jams make them sound like the folky grandfathers of later NYC noisemakers Sonic Youth.
There don't seem to be any videos of The Godz out there, but here is a Godz website, and the surviving members reunited recently and have a page on myspace.  The Godz from New York City are not to be confused with the 1980's midwestern metal band of the same name, though the "other Godz" do a pretty good version of The Band's "Chest Fever".

(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Index Eight Miles High (The Byrds) The Index 1967 USA
Bent Wind Riverside Sussex
1969 Canada
Amon Düül Der Garten Sandosa In Morgentau Psychedelic Underground
1969 Germany
The Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter Plane The Parable Of Arable Land 1967 USA
The Godz Travellin' Salesman Godz 2
1967 USA
The Godz Soon The Moon Godz 2
1967 USA
The Godz Permanent Green Light Godz 2
1967 USA
Sonic Youth Green Light EVOL 1986 USA
Free Kitten
(Kim Gordon, Julie Cafritz, Yoshimi)
Monster Eye Inherit (N) 2008 (Ecstatic Peace) USA/Japan
Deerhoof Eaguro Guro Offend Maggie (N) 2008 (Kill Rock Stars) USA/Japan
Duchess Says Black Flag Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs (N) 2008 (Alien8) Canada (Quebec)
Unio and Petitio Marilyn Cheers Fanx Ta (N) 2008 (self release) UK
Tender Meat When We Dive Tender Meat (N) 2008 (self release) USA
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) Gross Magik Fucked Up Friends (N) 2008 (Anticon) USA
Blevin Blectum Flowers Fade Fast Gular Flutter (N) 2008 (AAGOO) USA
High Places Namer High Places (N) 2008 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Company Inc Thirst Above Mr. Person (N) 2008 (self release) USA
Child Bite Back To The Deep Egg, or: His Fleas Became All The People Fantastic Gusts of Blood (N)
2008 (Suburban Sprawl) USA
Big Block 454 Upside-Down & Dirty Bratislava (N) 2008 (self release) UK
Serpentina Satelite Nothing To Say Nothing To Say (N) 2008 (Trip In Time) Peru
eX-Girl The Letter From Mr. Triscuits Endangered Species 2004 Japan
Scott Walker Jolson & Jones The Drift 2006 USA/UK
NEU! Sonderangebot / Weissensee NEU! 1972 Germany
People Gatha Ceremony - Buddha Meet Rock 1972 Japan
Hintergedanken The Ape of Thoth Meets The Angel Of Death (Impasture)
   / That Kid Kim (Audio Generator)
Hintergedanken 2006 USA
Faust Party 4 (aka "Lieber Herr Deutschland") 71 Minutes Of Faust (compilation) rec. 1971-73 Germany
Ramsey Kearny A Blind Man's Penis Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush (song poem anthology CD) 1976? USA
John Gavanti Homeward Bound John Gavanti 1980 USA
Kuni Kawachi (with Flower Travellin' Band) To Your World Kirikyogen 1970 Japan
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