January 14, 2009 Playlist

 Don Van Vliet aka "Captain Beefheart"
Happy 68th Birthday
Don Van Vliet a/k/a "Captain Beefheart"
Born January 15, 1941
"Delay 1968" by Can (released 1981)
Can "Delay 1968"  recorded 1968-1969, released 1981 (Germany)
Can may be the greatest rock band ever to come out of Germany.  Heck, they're one of the best bands ever from anywhere!  Combining all sorts of musical influences in a never-ending stream of funky improvisations, Can set the standard for "krautrock" and has been tremendously influential on various underground and "alternative" bands for decades.  The four german musicians who form the nucleas of the group were originally joined by a weird American ex-G.I. named Malcolm Mooney as lead vocalist, though it was after the even-stranger Japanese street performer Damo Suzuki became the group's singer that their popularity reached its apex.  The Delay 1968 album consists of sessions with Mooney that were recorded before Can's first official album (had these sessions been released at the time, the album was to have been called Prepare to Meet Thy Pnoom!)  Forty years later, this is still remarkable music and sounds fresher than most of what was recorded back in 1968.
Here is an interesting clip of Can on German TV in 1971, and here are some performances:  "Paperhouse" and "Spoon" (their biggest hit single in Germany.)  These videos all feature Suzuki on vocals -- unfortunately I couldn't find any footage of the band with Mooney.
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Vangelis Bacchanale Heaven & Hell 1975 Greece
Patrick Gleeson Ben Kenobi's Theme (John Williams) Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars
1977 USA
Herbie Hancock
(with Patrick Gleeson)
Rain Dance Sextant 1973 USA
Can Butterfly Delay 1968
rec. 1968-69,
released 1981
Can Nineteen Century Man Delay 1968
rec. 1968-69,
released 1981
Can Star Of Bethlehem Delay 1968
rec. 1968-69,
released 1981
The Fall Is This New? Imperial Wax Solvent (N) 2008 (Castle) UK
Oneida Preteen Weaponry, Part II Preteen Weaponry (N) 2008 (Jagjaguwar) USA
The Rolling Stones Sing This All Together (See What Happens) Their Satanic Majesties Request
1967 UK
Karlheinz Stockhausen Mikrophonie II Mikrophonie I & II rec. 1965 Germany
Earthling Society Tempel Ov Flaming Youth Sci Fi Hi Fi (N)
2009 (forthcoming on 4Zero) UK
Chrome Read Only Memory (excerpt) Chrome Box (compilation)
rec. 1979 USA
Royal Trux Osiris Twin Infinitives
1990 USA
Hintergedanken Ritual Dance Of The Sugar Rush Fairies  /  Prelude To The Twilight Of A Sexually Confused Sunflower  /  Sunflower Proper (For A. G.) Hintergedanken
2006 USA
Urban Noise Don't Kill Animals Demo
(12 "songs" in 4 minutes)
Don't Kill Animals Demo
c. 1990? Greece
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Abba Zaba Safe As Milk
1967 USA
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Kandy Korn Mirror Man
rec. 1968 USA
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Pachuco Cadaver Trout Mask Replica
1969 USA
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Big Eyed Beans From Venus Clear Spot
1972 USA
Masahiko Satoh & Soundbreakers Part 2 Amalgamation 1971 Japan
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