January 28, 2009 Playlist


Ronald Frank Asheton (1948-2009)

"The Stooges" by The Stooges (1969)
The Stooges "The Stooges"  1969 (USA)
Ron Asheton, lead guitarist (and occasionally bassist) of The Stooges passed away earlier this month, and so their legendary debut album is this week's CAOTW.  Widely hailed as the original "punk rock" band, this quartet of burnouts from Ann Arbor, Michigan played idiotic hard rock with alienated lyrics sung by a skinny spazmo called Iggy Pop.  And thus a legend was born!
The most classic Stooges video moment is surely their live appearance on TV in 1970, when Iggy dove into the audience and rubbed peanut butter on his chest!  Here's another clip with some amazing fan footage of the reunited Stooges playing live this decade (with indie rock icon Mike Watt of Minutemen fame replacing deceased original bassist Dave Alexander.)
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Flower Travellin' Band Unaware Made In Japan 1972 Japan
MC5 Future/Now High Time
1971 USA
Blue Cheer Peace Of Mind New! Improved! 1969 USA
Rocket From The Tombs Down In Flames
   / Search & Destroy (The Stooges)
The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs (compilation) rec. 1975 USA
The Stooges 1969 The Stooges
1969 USA
The Stooges Down On The Street Fun House 1970 USA
Iggy & The Stooges Raw Power Raw Power (orginal vinyl version) 1973 USA
Mission Of Burma 1970 (live - The Stooges) The Horrible Truth About Burma rec. 1983 USA
Destroy All Monsters
(Ron Asheton)
Meet The Creeper A-side 7" single  1979 USA
The Stooges Little Doll The Stooges
1969 USA
Serpentina Satelite Nueva Ola Nothing To Say (N) 2008 (Trip In Time) Peru
The Luck Of Eden Hall
Just Can't Compromise My Security When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep (N) 2008 (self release) USA
The Layaways January The Space Between (N) 2008 (Mystery Farm) USA
Nonloc Sentry At Seleusis
   / My Song Before The Gates
Between Hemipspheres (N) 2007 (Strange Attractors) USA
Prasanna Pot Belly Blues Electric Ganesha Land (N) 2008 (Susila) India/USA
Duchess Says Epilogue Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs (N) 2008 (Alien8) Canada (Quebec)
Maus Haus Million Volt Lights Lark Marvels (N) 2008 (Pretty Blue Presents) USA
Richard Cranium Lights Out At The Inner Sanctum Richard Cranium (N) 2008 (self release) USA
Made In Mexico Viva La Luz Guerillaton (N) 2008 (Skin Graft) USA
Moon And Moon We Are The Lights VII Acts Of An Iron King (N) 2008 (La Societe Expeditionnaire) USA
Hush Arbors
The Light Hush Arbors (N) 2008 (Ecstatic Peace) USA
Kraftwerk Kling Klang Kraftwerk 2 1971 Germany
Chrome You've Been Duplicated Half Machine Lip Moves 1979 USA
Simply Saucer Mole Machine Cyborgs Revisited (compilation)
rec. 1974 Canada
Wax Fang Wake Up, Sleepyhead! La La Land (N) 2008 (Don't Panic) USA
Queen Elephantine Kabir Surya (N) 2008 (Concrete Lo-Fi) USA
The Deviants Last Man Disposable
1968 UK

Keston & Westdal Panopticon One Day To Save The World (N) 2008 (Unearthed Music) USA
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid Departure NYC (N) 2008 (Domino) UK/USA
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