March 27, 2009 Playlist

"You" by Gong (1974)
Gong  "You"  1974 (France/UK/Australia)
Gong has always been something of a cult band, somehow slipping through the cracks of "popular/classic rock", both during their 1970's heyday and in the current time period when all sorts of strange old sounds are being rediscovered.  This international band was formed in France in 1967 by Australian expatriate Daevid Allen and his British girlfriend Gilli Smyth along with French saxman Didier Malherbe;  by 1972 they had moved to Britain and added Steve Hillage on lead guitar and Tim Blake on synths and began recording their high concept "Radio Gnome Invisible" trilogy of albums, of which this is the third and final (and trippiest) installment.  Musically, Gong's best work is an impressive blend of prog rock, jazz fusion and "space" music -- however hippie-dippie lyrics about gnomes and pixies has probably always been the big barrier to this group finding a wider audience.
Here's some old footage of Gong freaking out in 1972, and here's Daevid, Gilli & Didier still at it performing "Flying Teapot" live in 1990.  These geezers just don't quit!  Finally, here's Daevid Allen playing his famous "glide guitar" at his 70th birthday party just last year:  "Inner Temple".

 (N) = New Release  

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Black Sabbath Wheels Of Confusion Volume 4 1972 UK
Spinal Tap Rock And Roll Creation This Is Spinal Tap (original soundtrack) "1977" (1984) "UK" (USA)
Uriah Heep High Priestess Salisbury 1970 UK
Queen Now I'm Here Sheer Heart Attack 1974 UK
Budgie In The Grip Of A Tyre Fitter's Hand Never Turn Your Back On A Friend 1973 UK (Wales)
Deep Purple Black Night A-side 7" single (Deepest Purple compilation) 1970 UK
Atomic Rooster Tomorrow Night Death Walks Behind You 1970 UK
Toe Fat Three Time Loser Toe Fat Two 1971 UK
Pink Fairies Marilyn What A Bunch Of Sweeties 1972 UK
Hawkwind Brainbox Pollution B-side 7" single
(Doremi Fasol Latido CD reissue bonus track)
1973 UK
Gong The Isle Of Everywhere You
1974 France/UK
Gong You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever You
1974 France/UK
Jade Warrior Minnimoto's Dream Released 1971 UK
Agitation Free Malesch Malesch 1972 Germany
Supersister Energy (Out Of Future)
   / Higher
To The Highest Bidder 1971 Netherlands
Sparks Lighten Up, Morrissey Exotic Creatures Of The Deep (N) 2008 (Li'l Beethoveen) USA
Vampire Hands
No Fun (live) Live From Radio K: Stuck on AM 6
(N - various artists compilation)
2009 (Radio K) USA
The Setting Son Demons In My Head Spring Of Hate (N) 2009 (Bad Afro) Denmark
Twinkranes Plateau A-side 7" single (N) 2009 (SFR) Ireland
Voda Bonk-A-Melon Voda 2004 USA
The Black Lips
Let It Grow 200 Million Thousand (N) 2009 (Vice) USA

Mi Ami Echonoecho Watersports (N) 2009 (Quarterstick) USA
Dan Deacon Get Older Bromst (N) 2009 (Carpark) USA
Window Twins Blind Horses I'm This Tall City (N) 2009 (Howells Transmitter) USA

Steely Dan Kid Charlamagne The Royal Scam 1976 USA
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