April 10, 2009 Playlist

"Thank Christ For The Bomb" by Groundhogs (1970)
Groundhogs  "Thank Christ For The Bomb"  1970 (UK)
The band Groundhogs are perhaps the ultimate example of the late 1960's "British Heavy Progressive Blues" tradition.  They had started as a more traditional bluerock group (they even recorded their debut album with the great John Lee Hooker), but on their second album Blues Obituary they metaphorically buried the past and came up with a very influential merger of classic blues riffs and the contemporary heavy progressive rock sound.  Their third album found the group adding a hefty dose of political and social commentary to their muse, and with the aid of legendary DJ John Peel Thank Christ For The Bomb cracked the Top 10 on the UK album charts.
I couldn't find any old timey footage of Groundhogs, but here's leader T.S. McPhee's current incarnation of the group playing "Garden" from Thank Christ For The Bomb live in 2007.  Plus here's Queens of the Stoneage playing "Eccentric Man", also from this album.
And as a special bonus, here's the Anglo-American heavy prog supergroup Captain Beyond live in 1972.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request    
Artist Song Album Year Country
Budgie Zoom Club In For The Kill 1974 UK (Wales)
The Move Hello Susie Shazam 1970 UK
The Pretty Things Sickle Clowns Parachute 1970 UK
Captain Beyond Mesmerization Captain Beyond 1972 USA/UK
Groundhogs Strange Town Thank Christ For The Bomb
1970 UK
Psychedelic Horseshit Untitled Instrumental on Side 2 Golden Oldies (N - reissue compilation) rec. 2005-2006 (2009 Wasted Vinyl) USA
Groundhogs Rich Man, Poor Man Thank Christ For The Bomb
1970 UK
May Blitz Snakes & Ladders The 2nd Of May 1971 UK
Man Don't Just Stand There (Come In Out Of The Rain) Revelation 1969 UK (Wales)
Mighty Baby Same Way From The Sun Mighty Baby 1969 UK
Clear Blue Sky Birdcatcher Clear Blue Sky 1970 UK
Crime In Choir Fool's Guild Gift Givers (N) 2009 (Kill Shaman) USA
Antrilon Depths Of Insanity Mind Erase (N) 2008 (Dead Earnest) USA
Second Family Band Sweet Undulent Mother Phasis (N - cassette release) 2008 (Earjerk) USA
Toy Killers (John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Arto Lindsay) Improvisation 6 The Unlistenable Years (N - reissue) rec. 1980-84 (2009 UgExplode) USA
Stereolab Outer Bongolia The First Of The Microbe Hunters 2000 UK/France
Kraan (R) Die Maschine Let It Out 1975 Germany
Far East Family Band Entering Parallel World 1976 Japan
Israel M Dunhia / Riaiah Nareah (N) 2009 (AAGOO) Mexico
Robert Wyatt Alifib / Alife Rock Bottom 1974 UK
The Guess Who Fiddlin' So Long, Bannatyne 1971 Canada
The Guess Who Pain Train So Long, Bannatyne 1971 Canada
The Guess Who Lost And Found Town Artificial Paradise 1973 Canada
The Guess Who Lie Down #10 1973 Canada
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