April 24, 2009 Playlist

More Vinyl for Kosmik
Radiation's 4th Birthday!
"Vs." by Mission of Burma (1982)
Mission of Burma  "Vs."  1982 (USA)
This week is the fourth anniversary of Kosmik Radiation's debut on WORT-FM, so we're taking a trip through my vinyl collection.  One of my all-time favorite bands and albums is this gem from Mission of Burma -- a "punk" band who came along too early for the indie rock wave of the 1980's, and whose aesthetic was really closer to psychedelic art rock anyway.  The group only recorded two singles, an EP and this full-length LP before breaking up in 1983 (followed by a posthumous live album) -- until they regrouped in 2002, and since then they have made two more fine albums!  (I never expected that to happen!)
Here is the reconstituted Mission of Burma performing some songs from this album live in recent years: "Mica" and "Trem Two".  Plus, here's some rare early video that reveals the band has never really changed much: "Red" from 1983, and "Peking Spring" from 1979.
(R) = Listener Request
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Neil (from The Young Ones TV show - aka Nigel Planer) Cosmic Jam Neil's Heavy Concept Album 1985 UK
Nektar Cryin' In The Dark / King Of Twilight A Tab In The Ocean 1972 UK/Germany
Triumvirat The School Of Instant Pain Spartacus 1975 Germany
Spaces Chemical Man Spaces 1981 USA
String Driven Thing Night Club The Machine That Cried 1973  UK (Scotland)
Robert Fripp Breathless Exposure 1979  UK
Robert Fripp (with Peter Hammill) Disengage Exposure 1979  UK
The Replacements (R) We're Comin' Out Let It Be 1984 USA
BeBop Deluxe Futurist Manifesto The Best Of And The Rest Of BeBop Deluxe (compilation) 1979 UK
Jack Nitzsche & The Merry Clayton Singers Turner's Murder Performance (original soundtrack) 1970 USA
Mephistopheles Take A Jet The 1969 Warner-Reprise Record Show (various artists sampler) 1969 USA
Mission of Burma Secrets Vs.
1982 USA
Mission of Burma Learn How Vs.
1982 USA
Mission of Burma Mica Vs.
1982 USA
Mission of Burma New Disco (live) The Horrible Truth About Burma 1985 USA
Sproton Layer (Roger Miller from Mission of Burma) Space Red B-side 7" single rec. 1969, rel. 1991 USA
Teenage Depression Working For The Kremlin Skank Or Die 7" EP 1984 USA
The Romulans Black & White Days B-side 7" single 1993 USA
Ng Kindheit Deaf Like Me A-side 7" single 1999? USA
E=MC Hammer Operah For Poperah Hurns (The First) (N - split release with Zebras) 2009 (Secret) USA
Psychedelic Horseshit King Tubby's Badness Dub Golden Oldies (N - reissue compilation) rec. 2005-2006 (2009 Wasted Vinyl) USA
Vangelis We Were All Aprooted (sic) Vangelis (Superstar series from Italy - actually a reprint of the Earth LP) 1973 Greece
Paul Winter Consort Ode To A Fillmore Dressing Room Icarus 1972 USA
Chicago Prelude To Aire / Aire Chicago VII 1974 USA
Spirit Veruska Spirit Of '76 1975 USA
Steve Miller Band Jackson-Kent Blues Number 5 1971 USA
The Moody Blues Higher And Higher To Our Children's Children's Children 1969 UK
Classics IV Book A Trip Spooky 1968 USA
Engelbert Humperdinck Up Up And Away (Fifth Dimension) A Man Without Love 1968 UK
KC (from the Sunshine Band) Space Cadet Space Cadet 1981 USA
Enid Levine Passion On The Run American Love 1983 USA
The Electric Concept Orchestra
Jack Jones
Goin' Out Of My Head Electric Love
All To Yourself: 20 Golden Greats
The Velvet Underground What Goes On (live) Velvet Underground Live 1969 With Lou Reed rec. 1969 USA
Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Pretzel Logic 1974 USA
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