May 8, 2009 Playlist

"Faust" by Faust (1971)
Faust  "Faust"  1971 (Germany)
The 1971 debut album by the German group Faust is one of the landmarks of "krautrock" music, and among the most acclaimed "experimental" records of all time.  The genius of Faust is that there do not seem to be any rules to their music -- at times they are melodic or even funky, and at other times jarringly "un-musical."  Though their albums were never big sellers, the group established a strong cult following which has only grown over the years, and have proven enormously influential in recent decades (much like Frank Zappa and the Velvet Underground, artists to whom Faust in turn probably owes some debt.)  After falling mostly silent during the years 1975-1990 (though apparently still recording in secret at their rural location in Wümme during this period), three of the core members of the group revived Faust and the band has been more active in recent decades than ever before (their most recent record was 2007's Disconnected, a collaboration with Nurse With Wound.)  The packaging of Faust's early albums is also worth a mention -- Faust was originally released as a transparent record in a transparent sleeve (with transparent lyric sheet) with a picture of an X-ray of a fist on the cover ("Faust" is German for "fist.")  Their second album Faust So Far came in a "none more black" sleeve, while their final album Faust IV features a minimalist design with empty musical staves on the cover.  Though their most popular album was undoubtedly The Faust Tapes -- for even though it's probably their most strange and disjointed record of all, Virgin Records sold it at the super low budget price of 49 pence in order to drum up interest in the group.
Here's  some documentary footage of Faust in 1971, and here is Faust today!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Richard Lloyd Little Miss Lover (Jimi Hendrix) The Jamie Neverts Story (N) 2009 (Sufi Monkey/Parasol) USA
Meat Puppets Touchdown King Monsters 1989 USA
Minutemen The Price of Paradise 3-Way Tie For Last 1985 USA
Husker Du Beyond The Threshold / Pride Zen Arcade 1984 USA
Tar Babies Lazy Decision Respect Your Nightmares 1985 USA
Melvins Joan of Arc Houdini 1993 USA
Big Black Ergot Songs About Fucking 1987 USA
Grand Funk Railroad Aimless Lady Closer To Home 1970 USA
Highway Robbery Lazy Woman For Love Or Money 1972 USA
Budgie The Author Budgie 1971 UK (Wales)
Sir Lord Baltimore Master Heartache Kingdom Come 1970 USA
Dust Chasin' Ladies Dust 1971 USA
Faust Miss Fortune Faust
1971 Germany
Amon Duul 2 The Marilyn-Monroe-Memorial Church Tanz der Lemminge 1971 Germany
King Crimson One More Red Nightmare Red 1974 UK
Steve Hillage Lunar Musick Suite L 1976 UK
Pink Floyd Obscurred By Clouds Obscurred By Clouds 1972 UK
Sun Ra Overtones Of China Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth 1966 USA
Return To Forever Spain Light As A Feather 1972 USA
Black Oak Arkansas Up (live) Raunch 'N' Roll Live 1973 USA
Gerald Prokop Fourtrack Hibernation Enormous Problems EP (N) 2009 (Prokiev Projects) USA
Gerald Prokop Central Wisconsin Enormous Problems EP (N) 2009 (Prokiev Projects) USA
Hintergedanken It's Too Piercing Hintergedanken 2006 USA
Crime In Choir Crystal Cake Gift Givers (N) 2009 (Kill Shaman) USA
The Setting Son Soulmate Spring Of Hate (N) 2009 (Bad Afro) Denmark
The Setting Son Obsession Spring Of Hate (N) 2009 (Bad Afro) Denmark
Richard Lloyd Ain't No Telling (Jimi Hendrix) The Jamie Neverts Story (N) 2009 (Sufi Monkey/Parasol) USA
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