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"Red Resistor" by Von LMO (1996)
Von LMO  "Red Resistor"  1996 (USA)
The man known as Von LMO is as mysterious and underground a cult figure as the American music scene has ever produced (as of this writing, wikipedia doesn't even have an entry for him.)  He first appeared on the downtown "no wave" scene in NYC in the late 1970's, playing in a band called Red Transistor which recorded two songs for a single (which wasn't released until the 1990's.)  His bizarre solo debut from 1981, Future Language, was a notorious twelve inches of black vinyl insanity (and already a CAOTW), which mythologizes LMO as a space alien sent to earth to transmit a message of universal peace and vaguely jazzy heavy metal music.  But after that he vanished for more than a decade.  Then two new CD's came out in the 1990's -- Cosmic Interception from 1994 is basically three new solo recordings plus rehearsal versions of Future Language songs from circa 1980 -- but then in 1996 he dropped his mammoth Red Resistor album of brand new songs, including the 30 minute opus "X + Z = 0".  Since then some more 1980's live recordings have surfaced on CD, but little has been heard of the man himself.   As far as I know, the true identity of this reclusive figure has never been revealed (I doubt his backup band on this album even knew his real name!)  He has never been pictured without dark sunglasses, and in his most recent reincarnation he always wore a plastic wig!  (Back in the 1980's, he had a shaved head and wore a space suit!)
I could only find one Von LMO video, from his 1994 comeback single and album "Cosmic Interception".  But as a bonus, here's some rare clips from the heyday of German "krautrock":  first, the lesser known groups Kraan in 1972 and Eloy in 1971;  and finally here's a clip of the short-lived Schneider/Rother/Dinger lineup of Kraftwerk in 1971.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Can (R) Man Named Joe Delay 1968 rec. 1968-69 Germany
Mythos (R) Oriental Journey Mythos 1972 Germany
Agitation Free (R) First Communication 2nd 1973 Germany
VON LMO X + Z = 0 Red Resistor
1996 USA
VON LMO Atomic Sound Red Resistor
1996 USA
Zolar X The Horizon Suite:
   I.  Overture On Air
   II. Tomorrow's Sunrise
   III. Inside The Outside
   IV. Sound Barrier
Timeless (CD compilation) rec. 1976,
rel. 2004
Green Milk From The Planet Orange When Every Colour Turns Black He's Crying, "LOOK" 2004 Japan
Hampton Grease Band Six Music To Eat 1971 USA
Eric Copeland Alien In A Garbage Dump Alien In A Garbage Dump (N) 2008 (Paw Tracks) USA
Konono No. 1 Kule Kule Reprise Congotronics 2005 D.R. of Congo
The Congos La La Bam-Bam Heart of the Congos 1977 Jamaica
Jon Wayne 151 Owl Caricatures Texas Funeral 1985 Texas
Grateful Dead The Other One (live) Grateful Dead (aka "Skull & Roses") 1971 USA
Guru Guru Der Elektrolurch Guru Guru 1973 Germany
Kraftwerk Tanzmuzik Ralf Und Florian 1973 Germany
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