July 31, 2009 Playlist

"Alien Soundtracks" by Chrome (1977)
Chrome  "Alien Soundtracks"  1977 (USA)
Chrome is one of the most amazingly forward-looking bands that rock has ever produced.  Their late 1970's sound could easily be summarized as "cyberpunk" -- only that term didn't exist yet!  Who knows how (or why) Chrome made the sounds that they did, but their classic albums are a combination of driving lo-fi heavy metal rock & roll with psychedelic freakouts and a heaping helping of hi-tech post modern alienation.  Chrome was there at the birth of punk rock, though they were never really a part of any scene, and they labored in the underground world of cult obscurity during their original run in the 70's and 80's.  But if a new group sounding like this came along today, their combination of playful analog technology and classic hard rock aggression would probably cause a sensation (except of course that all the hipsters would say "Chrome already did that"!) 
Chrome actually did make a few videos in the 1980's, including "New Age" and the uber-cool non-album track "Meet You In The Subway".  Group founder Damon Edge died over a decade ago, but the other key member Helios Creed still tours as "Chrome" occasionally -- here's his versions of "Chromosome Damage" live in 1998 and "March of the Chrome Police" live in 2007.
N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
VON LMO Radio World Cosmic Interception rec. 1980?, rel. 1994 USA
Chrome Chromosome Damage Alien Soundtracks
1977 USA
Chrome The Monitors Alien Soundtracks
1977 USA
Chrome Pygmies In Zee Park Alien Soundtracks
1977 USA
VON LMO Be Yourself Cosmic Interception rec. 1980?, rel. 1994 USA
The Fiery Furnaces Charmaine Champagne I'm Going Away (N)
2009 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Experimental Dental School
Earthquake Forest Field (N) 2009 (XDS) USA
Micachu & The Shapes Calculator Jewellery (N)
2009 (Rough Trade) UK
Gay Witch Abortion Girl Soda Pop Maverick (N)
2009 (Learning Curve) USA
Lithops Bleasure Pastique Mound Magnet, Part Two: Elevations Above Sea Level (N) 2009 (Killer Pimp) Germany
On Ensemble Silverback Ume In The Middle (N)
2009 (Turtlefield Music) Japan/USA
Sonic Youth What We Know The Eternal (N) 2009 (Matador) USA
Crystal Antlers Several Tongues Tentacles (N)
2009 (Touch & Go) USA
Battlehooch Please Damo Piecechow (N)
2009 (self release) USA
Dark Knights Of Camelot Purple Undertones Hurrication EP (N)
2009 (Olympic) USA
Crystal Dragon Part 2  The Crystal Demos (N)
2009 (Earjerk) USA
Varlet Tarsod Side A Varlet Tarsod (N - cassette)
2009 (Earjerk) USA
Nick Turco More Neon Shit More Neon Shit (N - cassette)
2009 (Tree Tapes) USA
Wilco Bull Black Nova Wilco (The Album)  (N)
2009 (Nonesuch) USA
The Warlocks Red Camera The Mirror Explodes (N) 2009 (Tee Pee) USA
Joan Of Arc Explain Yourselves Flowers (N)
2009 (Polyvinyl) USA
Jane's Addiction Ripple (Grateful Dead) Cabinet Of Curiosities  (N - box set)
2009 (Rhino) USA
Grateful Dead Viola Lee Blues (live) The Golden Road (CD box set bonus track) rec. 1966 USA
Quicksilver Messenger Service Mona (Bo Diddley - live) Happy Trails 1969 USA
Jefferson Airplane Twilight Double Leader (live) Thirty Seconds Over Winterland 1973 USA
Flower Travellin' Band Satori Part 2 (live) Make Up 1973 Japan
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