August 28, 2009 Playlist

"Quill" by Quill (1970)
Quill  "Quill"  1970 (USA)
Quill was an obscure jazzoid psychedelic early progressive-ish sort of band -- they may be tough to classify, but records such as this one were only made during the late 1960's and early 1970's!  Their most notable claim to fame is that they opened the second day of the Woodstock festival 40 years ago this month.  And also that they were hairy bearded freaks with weird stage names like "Ju-unk Kohl" and "Red Rocket Rogers" who sang songs with titles like "Thumbnail Screwdriver" and "The Tube Exuding"!  This is the only album the group made, in fact they seem to have broken up almost as soon as it was released about 6 months after their Woodstock appearance.
Though Quill's Saturday Woodstock performance was filmed, a technical problem rendered the sound unusable and thus it was not used in the movie (and has never been released as far as I know -- supposedly Quill also appeared on local Boston TV, but I haven't been able to find any of that footage either.)  So instead, here's some other clips from Woodstock:  Santana also played on Saturday afternoon, and their "Soul Sacrifice" is one of my favorite numbers in the film.  The Jefferson Airplane were the scheduled headliner on Saturday, though they didn't actually start playing until after the sun came up on Sunday morning;  here's their version of "Saturday Afternoon".  The Grateful Dead also played on Saturday, though various technical problems also kept their set from being used in the famous documentary film -- but here's some unreleased footage of The Grateful Dead at Woodstock.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Steve Miller Band Children of the Future
   / Pushed Me To It
   / You've Got The Power
Children Of The Future 1968 USA
Procol Harum Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) Procol Harum 1967 UK
Quill Thumbnail Screwdriver Quill
1970 USA
Quill The Tube Exuding Quill
1970 USA
Quill BBY Quill
1970 USA
The Fiery Furnaces Even In The Rain I'm Going Away (N)
2009 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Chin Chin Kings The Flashing, The Fancing (N) 2009 (Definitive Jux) USA
Experimental Dental School
Square Wave Cave Forest Field (N) 2009 (XDS) USA
Battlehooch Looks You Can't See Piecechow (N)
2009 (self release) USA
Blank Dogs Spinning The Fields (N) 2008 (Woodsist) USA
Boogie Boarder Bio Hassle Pizza Hero (N) 2009 (Famous Class) USA
Fat Freddy's Drop Shiverman (R) Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW (N) 2009 (The Drop) New Zealand
The Takebacks Preacher Call Collect Ask For The . . .  (N) 2009 (self release) USA
Sun Araw Heavy Deeds Heavy Deeds (N) 2009 (Not Not Fun) USA
Black Dice
Ultra Vomit Craze Repo (N) 2009 (Paw Tracks) USA
Eric Copeland Osni Alien In A Garbage Dump (N) 2008 (Paw Tracks) USA
Micachu & The Shapes Wrong Jewellery (N)
2009 (Rough Trade) UK
Black Mold Rotten Walls / Memes Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz (N) 2009 (Flemish Eye) Canada
Black Moth Super Rainbow Tooth Decay Eating Us (N) 2009 (Graveface) USA
Hintergedanken Mt. Sisyphus (Repeat As Needed For Pain) Hintergedanken 2006 USA
Karen Eliot Manure Shit On My Dick (N - CDR reissue) 2009 (Backbacon) USA
Hintergedanken Threnody For Chet Hintergedanken 2006 USA
Second Family Band Marian Whispers Wisconsin Gospel I-IV 2008 USA
Blues Control Tangier Local Flavor (N) 2009 (Siltbreeze) USA
High Wolf  Every Ear In The Jungle High Wolf (N) 2009 (Winged Sun) France?
Peaking Lights Owl Barning Imaginary Falcons (N - cassette) 2009 (Not Not Fun) USA
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