December 25, 2009 Playlist

"Christmas" by Christmas (1970)
Christmas  "Christmas"  1970 (Canada)
What could be a more perfect CAOTW on December 25 than an album called Christmas by a band called Christmas?  Ho ho ho!  I first heard of this obscure Canadian group via a listener request several years ago.  I eventually turned up their second album Heritage, but frankly wasn't much impressed (mildly proggy hard rock kinda stuff.)  But earlier this year I finally came across their debut album and now I see what all the fuss is about!  The independently recorded & released debut album by Christmas features a few cute psychedelic pop nuggets, but most of the album consists of epic jams that sound like the Grateful Dead grooving to Martin Denny!?  Now that's unique and worthy of being called "classic"!  Christmas (the band) was the brain child of Bob Bryden, and after recording the two albums mentioned above, they briefly changed their name to The Spirit Of Christmas (good grief!) and recorded a final album Lies To Live By.  Bryden is still musically active to this day and performed a set of Christmas (the band not the holiday) songs in 2007.
There does not seem to be any video footage of Christmas, though the band does have an official myspace site.  Here are a few post-Christmas clips of Bob Bryden:  "Bustin' Out" is from the second Christmas album, performed here with The Saffron Sect.   Next, here's Bob performing live a couple months ago, playing a song called . . .  "Christmas is Dead" !  Lastly, here's some more great Canadian underground rock -- Hamilton, Ontario's awesome Simply Saucer recorded live on the roof of a shopping mall in 1975.
Artist Song Album Year Country
Joni Mitchell River Blue 1971 Canada
The Velvet Underground Jesus The Velvet Underground 1969 USA
The Free Design Close Your Mouth (It's Christmas) Star Time Bubbles Love 1970 USA
James Brown Christmas Is Love Hey America 1970 USA
The Kinks Father Christmas A-side 7" single 1977 UK
The Troggs I Can Only Give You Everything (Them) From Nowhere 1966 UK
Jex Thoth Son Of Yule Jex Thoth 2008 USA
Christmas Sorry I Bore You Victoria Christmas
1970 Canada
Christmas Oasis Christmas
1970 Canada
Can Little Star Of Bethlehem Delay 1968 rec. 1968-69 Germany
Liars The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack Drum's Not Dead 2006 USA
Curtis Mayfield We Got To Have Peace Roots 1971 USA
The Beatles Christmas Time Is Here Again! (1967 Fan Club Christmas Record) The Beatles' Christmas Album rec. 1967, rel. 1970 UK
The Brady Bunch Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Christmas With The Brady Bunch 1970 USA
Melvins Toy / Let It All Be The Bootlicker 1999 USA
The Brady Bunch Little Drummer Boy Christmas With The Brady Bunch 1970 USA
Scott Walker Winter Night Scott 3 1969 UK/USA
Caravan Winter Wine In The Land Of Grey And Pink 1971 UK
Black Flag Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Everything Went Black rec. 1978?, rel. 1982 USA
James Brown I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) Star Time (box set compilation) rec. 1969 USA
The Chambers Brothers Love Peace & Happiness (L + P = H) Love Peace & Happiness 1969 USA
The New Rotary Connection I Am The Blackgold Of The Sun Hey, Love 1971 USA
Creedence Clearwater Revival Rude Awakening #2 Pendulum 1970 USA
Todd Rundgren A Treatise On Cosmic Fire
   Intro - Prana
   II. The Fire of Mind - Or Solar Fire
   III. The Fire of Spirit - Or Electric Fire
   I. The Internal Fire - Or Fire By Friction
   Outro - Prana
Initiation 1975 USA
James Brown Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas Time Soulful Christmas 1968 USA
The Brady Bunch We Wish You A Merry Christmas Christmas With The Brady Bunch 1970 USA
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