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"Heavy Deeds" by Sun Araw (2009)
Sun Araw  "Heavy Deeds"  2009 (USA)
I've been waiting for a resurgence in the underground music scene for what seems like decades, and in 2009 I think it has unequivocably arrived!  I have recently heard the phrase "chill wave" used to describe what's going on, but that's a stupid term and I'm actually glad whatever it is doesn't have a name yet (as soon as a label like "punk" or "grunge" catches on, that's usually a sign that a movement has become "trendy" and therefore more about money than art.)  But whatever "it" is that is going on these days, for me the mysterious and mystical SUN ARAW seems to be the ultimate embodiment of the underground music scene in 2009.  Sun Araw is the solo project of Cameron Stallones, who is also a member of notable California psych band Magic Lantern.  Some other hot new sounds bubbling out of the psychedelic underground these days include the lunar backporch jams of MV & EE, the tape-powered dubscapes of Blues Control, the doomy acid rituals of Sylvester Anfang II, to say nothing of artists like Ariel Pink, Ducktails, Emeralds and Lamborghini Crystal.  The underground scene right here in Madison has its share of rising un-stars too, including Peaking Lights, Zola Jesus, Julian Lynch, Burial Hex, Drunjus, Dead Luke and Second Family Band.
Here is some live footage of Sun Araw:  "All Night Long" is a song from Heavy Deeds, and "Horse Steppin'" is from an earlier record.  Plus here's an outdoor performance by MV & EE, and a music video for a tune by Blues Control.  Lastly, here's Zola Jesus with Dead Luke (also of Absinthe Minds & Varlet Tarsod fame) doing that old Jefferson Airplane classic "Somebody To Love" (from a gig where they opened for Psychedelic Horseshit!)
(N) = New Release

Artist Song Album Year (Label) Country
Dinosaur jr I Want You To Know Farm (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #14 album of 2009)
2009 (Jagjaguwar) USA
My Needs Where Were You When It Happened (N) 2009 (Drag City) Israel
Sonic Youth Anti-Orgasm The Eternal (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #15 album of 2009)
2009 (Matador) USA
The Flaming Lips The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine Embyonic (N) 2009 (Warner Bros) USA
Meat Puppets Nursery Rhyme Sewn Together (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #3 album of 2009)
2009 (Megaforce) USA
Mission of Burma Slow Faucet The Sound The Speed The Light (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #5 album of 2009)
2009 (Matador) USA
Wooden Shjips
Aquarian Time Dos (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #7 album of 2009)
2009 (Holy Mountain) USA
Earthling Society EA 1729 Sci-Fi Hi Fi (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #9 album of 2009)
2009 (4Zero) UK
Black Moth Super Rainbow Iron Lemonade Eating Us (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #4 album of 2009)
2009 (Graveface) USA
The Fiery Furnaces The End Is Near I'm Going Away (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #11 album of 2009)
2009 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Os Mutantes
Nada Mudou (Nothing Moved) Haih . . . Or Amortecedor (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #6 album of 2009)
2009 (ANTI-) Brazil
Cornershop Operation Push Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast (N) 2009 (Ample Play) UK
Träd, Gräs och Stenar Sommardisco (Summer Disco) Homeless Cats (N) 2009 (Gashud/
Subliminal Sounds)
Fat Freddy's Drop Breakthrough Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #13 album of 2009)
2009 (The Drop) New Zealand
Sylvester Anfang II Na Regen Komt Zondvloed (After The Rain Comes The Great Flood) Sylvester Anfang II (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #8 album of 2009)
2009 (Aurora Borealis) Belgium
Black Dice
Earnings Plus Interest Repo (N) 2009 (Paw Tracks) USA
Blues Control Tangier Local Flavor (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #12 album of 2009)
2009 (Siltbreeze) USA
Psychedelic Horseshit Dead Horse Golden Oldies (N - reissue compilation) rec. 2005-2006 (2009 Wasted Vinyl) USA
Wand Death Dealer Blues Hard Knox (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #10 album of 2009)
2009 (Ecstatic Peace!) USA
The Black Lips
Starting Over 200 Million Thousand (N) 2009 (Vice) USA
The Earthling Invasion I Forgot A Star Is Born (N) 2009 (self release) USA
His & Her Vanities Fuses The Mighty Lunge (N)
2009 (Science of Sound) USA
The Takebacks Piece of Yer Wars Call Collect Ask For The . . .  (N) 2009 (self release) USA
Second Family Band Version Dream Release (N - cassette) 2009 (Bum Tapes) USA
Peaking Lights All The Good Songs Have Been Written Imaginary Falcons (N - cassette) 2009 (Not Not Fun) USA
MV & EE Get Right Church Barn Nova (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #2 album of 2009)
2009 (Ecstatic Peace!) USA
Sun Araw Heavy Deeds Heavy Deeds (N)
(Kosmik Radiation #1 album of 2009)

2009 (Not Not Fun) USA
Califone Giving Away The Bride All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (N) 2009 (Dead Oceans) USA
Cheer-Accident Blue Cheadle Fear Draws Misfortune (N) 2009 (Cuneiform) USA
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